Pumpkin Night Chapter 23

They are seething already


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nice me.me

his first kill and he already sucks at it

Notice how he's now 5 foot

Is it really Kazuya?


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can this fucker just get killed already? far overstayed his welcome. others were rekt in few chapters each but now its taking too long,
and whole thing should aim to end about chap 30 or so


>not typing ''aieeeee!! i yield!! i yield!!'' meme

I was promised meme translation!

Bobber got kicked off the lift, what a noob killler he is.

One job. You had one job and you fucked it up.

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This. We demand more memes

Already jobbing this hard. Next pumpkin night killer when?

Shouldn't he bleed out in a few minutes?

well, its what he thinks, doesnt mean it will be so. Id say his "friend" is more likely to finish him off instead

That's exactly what happens

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