When did berserk stop feeling like berserk? i think the 4th arc is when things started to fall

when did berserk stop feeling like berserk? i think the 4th arc is when things started to fall

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After Schierke joins the party.

When the art became soulless crap instead of retaining its grimdark touch to it

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After golden age.

i like her tho

Let's be real, Miura's dead. There's no way he got that much worse.


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>no magic
>just guts slaying shit
i don't see the problem with the 2 arcs after golden age

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30 years is a lot though, and let's be honest: if you only have to draw a few pages a year, you're going to get worse due to lack of training

The JRPG party was a mistake. None of them are interesting and the only exception (Farnese) was neutered ages ago.

>this is what your girl looks like right now

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He totally draws his own porn though

why do human characters have elf ears?

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Lost Children is probably the worst berserk arc. I think every modern shit berserkfag defending nu-berserk was born then.

When your taste got shit

But Lost Children is great, it's got a nice little sob-story and cool action to go along with it.

That's not how you spell best arc

i like it

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Needs less clothes.
Or pantsu shots instead of granny underwear.

I hope he releases them as his dying will

Did Tezuka's personal porn stash ever get published?

At the end of Chapter 94, when it was finished.

I hope there's lot of Schierke in there, but we all know hes a fucking faggot shotacon.

The yearning of boys and girls is not stopped!

At any rate, Guts is still out there, swinging his sword.

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the only thing I yearn is to suck these flat kitty titties.

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That is his safe place.

I was thinking about buying the manga but needed to find a place where it wraps up nicely enough, this works.

When it fucking stopped

20 chapters a year is on average before 2013now it’s like 10 every 2-3yrs if we’re lucky.

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Schierke was the tipping point but Isidro was the first sign

World rebirth. It all went downhill after that.
I still want to see it to the end, but I didn't bother reading after the pirate shit.

if this is what you mean, i thought the pages during the world rebirth was cool

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> but I didn't bother reading after the pirate shit.
Caska's dreamscape was so good though


you can see spain and UK to the left