Sexual Competition

A weird thought: I can't help but feel that harem shows would be a lot more interesting if there were multiple guys. It feels exceedingly artificial and contrived for the heroines to orbit a single dude, with all other guys being there for comic relief or otherwise asexual. It feels more organic if girls 'drop out' of the harem once they realize they don't have a chance, and hook up with other dudes.

While Evangelion's not a harem, the plot would've made more sense if Asuka wasn't remotely attracted to Shinji. Sure, he could lust after her, but it'd all be from her side - She'd be unattainable, because she'd rather fuck someone more her speed. When she sort-of reciprocates or plays hard-to-get, it feels oddly false. It would've been truer to life if she didn't see him as a sexual entity, or if she went "Ew, get the fuck away from me" and absolutely meant it.

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get back to the kitchen

You are a failure.

I mean, I can't see the 'rejected' girls pining after the protagonist forever. That just doesn't happen.

Yea, I also would prefer isekai without anybody getting teleported to another world.

Isn't that sort of missing my point? It can still be an isekai series, but the protagonist isn't the only dude isekai'd and the other guys aren't caricatures. Imagine if Arifuerta had more verisimilitude, and Hajime was treated the way someone disliked by the class would actually be treated.

He'd come back to find that his childhood friend had already hooked up with the hero, and she was secretly relieved that he was gone because he'd been such an emotional weight on her. And she'd be like "Oh, I'm glad you're alive, but while you were gone, things changed a lot."

I absolutely agree. NGE did near-irreparable damage to an entire generation of young men by teaching them that they could be their shy, pathetic, selfish selves with almost no genuine improvement, and get a beautiful, fiery redheaded young woman who is AKCHUALLY super self-conscious and extremely depressed and needs a knight in shining armor to come save her. The problem is that Shinji has a giant fucking robot (that he doesn't even want to pilot!) and is given the keys needed to save or end humanity. Regular losers don't get those opportunities.

What we have now is a group of men who don't want to self-improve and have an entitlement complex. They DESERVE to have women come along and see the "real person" that the young man is, and "draw it out" by being intentionally difficult. They believe it's their God-given right to have a woman who understands them on some emotional level, completely oblivious to what women want. A girl like Asuka needs someone who is steadfast, secure, and stable, not a crabpuff weenie like Shinji. Unfortunately, Shinji is Onno's self-insert, and therefore he automatically gets the girl.

I completely agree with your opinion, OP. Shinji needs to see that other, better people will easily catch Asuka's attention, especially given that she's both a genius and a prodigy at such a young age, and her bar of expectations would be exceptionally high. If NGE wanted to actually be a mecha deconstruction with mature, realistic human themes, then Asuka, who is half-white and automatically superior to every Japanese in the show, wouldn't reduce herself to dating a meager little Asian boy unless he had the confidence and charisma to overpower his pathetic genetics. As we all know, Shinji has neither confidence nor charisma. He's a habitual masturbator, both physically and philosophically.

If Shinji, and by extension the viewer, had seen Asuka sleeping with whomever she chose EXCEPT Shinji, perhaps both would have found motivation to improve.

I thought the point of Evangelion was that Shinji didn't really want anything to do with this shit. He was a kid with genuine problems, and it was deeply irresponsible to force this poor bastard into a hybrid organic-mechanical death machine.

Asuka shouldn't have been interested in him, because he was forced into this shit and only really wanted out. It was his conscience that forced him to stay. Like, if you don't approach a girl, she'll consider you a sexual non-entity anyway.

Frankly, I don't see him as Asuka's 'type' regardless.

What would be the fucking POINT of Asuka if she wanted to have nothing to do with Shinji? NTR fanservice, where you see her fucking someone else in the background?

I dunno, man. Maybe, as with the NERV techs and so on, it'd illustrate that everyone's got their own little drama to deal with? That mere proximity isn't enough to bring about attraction?

Post-modernism a shit

Your point is understandable, but applying it in Evangelion is retarded because only Shinji, Asuka, and Rei are mecha pilots. There's an exclusivity to it that locks them into each other. Harems also have the option of telling you who the losers ended up with in the epilogue, which usually ends up with pissed off waifufags.

You can be a mecha pilot and also kind of a loser. Asuka doesn't have to be sexually interested in her co-workers, though that's kind of straining the metaphor.

Are you retard of something? Asuka never liked shinji and after the disastrous kiss she acts petty much the way you describe towards him.

After years a research i think i finally understood the core message of EVA
If you're ugly then you're probably gay

That's why I like love hexagon shows

The point is there shouldn't have been a kiss in the first place. She shouldn't have been looking to him for affirmation. In fact, I'm actually arguing that she might be nicer to him because he doesn't blip on her radar in any way (i.e. It's like how you don't really have a reason to be mean to random people you honestly don't care about.)

I think Kimikiss did this, by effectively splitting the main hero into three different dudes. There was no 'overlap', however. Each one was only really interested in one girl and vice-versa.

She's mean to him because shes the worst pilot he makes her look bad on every op

Isn't Rei the worst pilot, until Asuka suffers her little breakdown?

She wants to do adult things, episode 15 is all about her losing to real woman at romance, and shinji happens the be the guy closest to her literally and figuratively so she makes do with him. She also needs him to not be pathetic because he is a good eva pilot. An existence that is lame while being a good eva pilot fucks with her mental gymnastics hard.

Watch otome?

>NTR fanservice
Stop self-inserting into Shinji?

Anyone still got the video arguing Shinji and Asuka fucked?

I'm surprised that anyone would want to self-insert into Shinji. The kid has problems, and we're not talking about cool, brooding emo problems. Honestly I just felt really bad for him most of the time.

It's like that kid in class, the shy one who everyone picked on, forced to save the world. I definitely wouldn't want to be in his shoes, it fucking sucks.

>unironically believes a cartoon shapes a person’s personality
Just when I thought anons couldn’t be more detached from reality.

>fanwank so delusional it got the autist banned form evageeks
I'm rather impressed by that actually.

asuka getting tenderly fucked by the MP units is kinda hot

Art is shaping personalities? Who would have thought!

Waifufags won’t care who the losers in harems end up with. Although, it’s funner watching those cucks get btfo at the end, so there’s no point to shoehorn them into a relationship.

Its only because her EVA doesn't have a soul she can link with like 01 and 02
As a pilot Rei is very talented

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OP is, as usual, a faggot.

Women do orbit a single man and form harems. Why do you think (you) are a virgin and Wilt Chamberlain slept with 10,000 women? It's not normal for a group of women and group of men to fight over each other. Usually the dominate man just takes all the women. Monogamy is a social/religious construct.

Yes, there's actual porn. Check out optionaltypo on the boorus.

>Why do you think (you) are a virgin
Because I don't approach women at all.

Women, however, tend to give up when a man's taken. They don't keep mindlessly pursuing him, they look for the next available man.

Why would it be "realistic" for Asuka to not be attracted to Shinji at all? She sees every flaw she has in him, they're two sides of the same coin, and Shinji is the rumored 3rd child and a better pilot than her, saving her multiple times, probably the best male in terms of status she could have.