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New episode out today, it's finally Maria time.

Also, did we decide on a name for this series yet?

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it's been bakarina for years

JNC actually uses Bakarina now.

Bakarina is Bakarina.

cute lesbian

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>did we decide on a name for this series yet?
Bakarina is the most fun one to say

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Very cute

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What does the text say?

The name of the series. It's part of a small collection of Villainess/Heroine fan art from various otome isekai.

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>Also, did we decide on a name for this series yet?

"i wanna creem iori isekai and not take reponsibility."

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Only tourist use anything but Bakarina.

Imagine not reading Bakarina with Yas Forums

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Where is the stream I can watch it at? or is it over?

It's still early

Have you tried neets sweaty balls?

Did user translate the snake POV?

it's just a recap of the first three episodes, i'm not noticing anything particularly interesting in it


× 。。。
○ …

Yes but where is it?

today i learned that windows IME can actually just swap to …, neat

Who is best girl except bakarina ?


Katarina's mom.

Are you ready for volume 5 in 13 hours?

It won't be long until they announce next week's episode is the last one

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Don't worry your in-real life ugly puke-face head, user. The series won't get any corvid-19-related delays, because they finished producing it before the lockdown happened.


Is this yuri?

No, that's Maria.

Does she actually get to do anything or is she going to be relegated to being another member of her harem? I guess for a no-drama show the latter is more likely, but I thought it would have been interesting to see her as an unconventional antagonist

Gay thread OP, I should have made it.
Hype for this episode!

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Heroines being antagonists are so overused it's almost refreshing when they're nice girls.