[HorribleSubs] Major 2nd S2 - 04 [720p].mkv

>[HorribleSubs] Major 2nd S2 - 04 [720p].mkv

Best sports anime out this season. Hope we don't lose it to this bullshit pandemic.

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Ok I will pick this series up Yas Forums, only for her and hanakana

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Is this it?

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Delay just got announced


I guess it's finally time to kill myself.



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Nigga what

I can't believe Daigo became a pupil of John fucking Walker.

Why does Junko's VA always has "I wish I weren't here" put on her face?

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Shame it got delayed. My spring anime are disappearing one by one

Fuck no

Oh no fuck. Corona-chan please....you are going too far.

cursed image
don't open

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>still a fatass after a whole year of training anyway

Who is Junko?

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Where am I going to get my baseball harem now?

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Do you expect me to check every role of every VA to know who you are talking about?

You are suppose to recognice every VA by voice.

Will the Major manga ever get fully translated?

There are like 50 different characters named Junko.

It's been a year, so no

Holy shit she is Fuji's daughter

>Best sports anime out this season
It's not hard to top a shitty yuri bait show in term of quality but I thought HQ is running too?

That was last season.


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Haikyuu ended and its 2nd half was planned for Summer.

That's the other girls baseball show running this season I believe.