Only one week left till Comiket. What works are you looking forward to? Anyone planning on going?

Only one week left till Comiket. What works are you looking forward to? Anyone planning on going?

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Fuck you

isn't comiket kill?

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Pshh, nothing personel kid

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There is an online event.

Fuck, I knew Daiz was behind Corona.


Too soon.

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Online where?



on the internet

fuccken post the link you duck

sasuga japaneese shadman


That's the plan.

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I was looking forward to it, fucking Corona.

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if comiket wasn't cancelled, probably not a good idea to go.

don't wanna die young

Corona-chan only kills old and ugly people though.

fuck off you asshole

Go lick some doorknobs to test your theory

why are you so hostile?

Daiz is the George Soros of anime.

please... just a crumb on new NTR...

corana-chan doesnt kill, she rapes you inside.
people die in there own pathetic ways.

The elites have it planned.

>Corona-chan only kills old and ugly people though
Depends if you have a weak ass immunity system

Viruses don't want to kill their hosts. Are you stupid?
It's like saying that humans WANT to destroy the eco system, poison the air and oceans and generally make it impossible for humanity to survive.

Corona kills through overloading the health system of your country, leaving people generally incapable of receiving medical assistance no matter what they are suffering from or how critical their condition is.
It indirectly kills you by making countries shut down their economies, which blows up all your savings and your means to survive even as a healthy person.

If corona were anthropomorphised as a loli, she'd be crying right now.

like dying from a flue

If Corona was a loli she'd be a brat doing whatever she feels like regardless of later consequences.

This is just a booth guy, I'd hire a bald fat ugly deformed man to sell my doujins (the science being it makes the customers feel better about themselves)

if your immune system is too strong it kills you with a cytokine storm.

>This is just a booth guy
Sure thing Shad.