RIP any chances for season 2

RIP any chances for season 2

Source material will end at volume 21 in this summer.

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>this is an anime never thread

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>21 volumes
About time, kek. That's a lot.


Do they fuck?

>Do they fuck?

Anime is just an advertisement for Manga and LNs
It has been like that since early 00s.

Well at least Part Timer still have the ongoing manga though. I hate reading something that have less picture.

>I hate reading something that have less picture.
use your imagination

I know this but many do not.

>this is an anime never thread

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if there are no voices i just dont care
t. animeonly forever

The series goes to shit right after where the anime ends anyways.

Does it even matter 99% of the audience READS subtitle anyway?
I like how animeonlies swears by subs instead of dubs sometimes.

Why the fuck is this series and Nozaki kun doesn't get 2nd season?
Is this the situation as Gargantia?

You guys are out of date, with how many different investors can be on a committee these days, there are so many more reasons an anime can be made

Investors only chooses shounenshit

Damn. Really enjoyed Wageslavery: The Anime.

The anime was fun.
The LNs quickly turn into boring shit. I seriously wonder how they kept their fans for over 10 volumes of this shit.


The only thing I remember from this is that the threads somehow managed to have worse waifu wars than Oregairu, the actual romcom that aired in the same season.

vn without va are boring and tasteless

>they still have the awful fucking baby character

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Why bother with it?
There has never been a HAREM where best girl won instead of unlikable tsundere bitch.

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Gotta force that generic tsunshit pairing nobody likes!

Keep crying.

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>t. chiho

t. anime director

Manga still continue

>t. samefag


Wasted potential LN title: Satan has become my new ‘daddy’ since murdering old my one!

Will the manga be finished? I can't be bothered to read when I'm just in for the cute girls.

You still get a lot of originals.

Like Plastic Memories and uhhh.....

I've still enjoyed most of the story past the anime, but I'll never get over the fucking Fairy Godparents baby. I want to read the adventures of magical Mc'Donalds wageslave, not a parenthood simulator.