Why can't authors write romance without the ntr bait?

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or else its going be be borrfest like Nisekoi

Because you interpret any sort of romantic drama or conflict as "NTR bait".

I understand but in a shonen there are other major things for entertainment like adventure/training/battle... Romance is just a small side thing in these shonen series so why can't the author write a genuine romantic relationship for the mc without unnecessary drama?

Because then there's no fucking story.
>A-kun meets B-chan
>they like each other
>they date
>the end

The worst part is that this NTR bait arc was for nothing since at the end Souma didnt marry Erina or anything

It provides a rival or villain character.
And possible NTR is a natural source of conflict.

>A-kun meets B-chan
>they like each other
>they date
>the end
this could be 30 volumes

because they want to filter insecure faggots like you

Well, it's not like Tsukuda could write in the first place.

Because authors are hacks. There are romance stories out there without shitty drama, so they are not impossible to write.
Has nothing to do with security. Writers want to keep the story "fresh" and "interesting", but the kind of drama OP talks about is just a cliched trope used by unoriginal hacks.

how? beyond normal dates and maybe occasional tiffs what else is there to write about? and how do you make it not boring?

I still believe he did it out of spite because his manga got axed.
He wanted to get back at the readers.

Romantic drama has been doing that for hundreds of years.

muh drama

>makes NTR arc
>literally kills the manga

NTR, not even once

but it's his own fault, the erina daddy issues arc was so bad
nobody asked for this

ltierally all he needed to do was a valentine's arc, it would have brought everything the fans wanted: slice of life hijinks, shipping galore, seeing the characters try difference recipes for chocolate cake etc
it was so EASY to keep up making the story interesting, but nooooooooooooooooo

How to not understand anything of what you read lol

you got cucked

The author said that he though fans didnt wanted erina and souma to be together, not joking

he was right, erina is worst girl

so why did the make sorina endgame anyway ??

I'm reading a pornographic Korean webtoon solely because it is NTR bait.

>Introduced as Souma's brother
>He was actually Erina's brother all along


I wasnt that difficult to have a nice ending, actually a lot of people here could write better endings than most authors

It was on it's way out long before that. Author literally did it out of spite

SnS was shit from the start

I dropped it when that big Nazi gay took over their school and tried to destroy all cafes and restaurants or something. Who even writes this ridiculous shit.

Congratulations, if only I had done the same instead of pretending I still cared for 5 years.

Same way that romance novels do it?
Actual writer of romance novels here, there can be tension in a romance novel without a third party being involved. It comes from the characters; two people, neither entirely on board with falling in love, both afraid of being hurt, slowly being drawn to each other against all the justification their rational minds give them.
It's like a dance, the best way a romance novel plot has ever been described to me is pic related, the Caduceus, the staff is whatever keeps the two characters together as they circle and try to avoid each other, unable to go beyond the distance of their own tail length.
Then, occasionally, they come into the middle, for a moment they touch, they brush against each other before realizing what they're doing and retreating back to their own corner.
But each time they do there's another loop around the staff, they're interlocked a little closer and can't go quite as far, they can't retreat as far back as they once could.
This happens again and again throughout the novel until finally they're face to face, looking each other in the eye.
And lips touch, unable, unwilling to draw back ever again.

The most intense and evocative image I can come up with for a romance novel is two characters, each looking the other way slowly reaching towards each other with one hand outstretched, unable to bring themselves to check if the other is reaching out for them.
Their hands stop an inch from each other as both hesitate.
One leans in, only for the other to draw back, the first withdraws only for the second to be brave enough to push their trembling palm forward in turn, but a second too late, leaving that inch, or maybe less than an inch now, still intact.
Will they touch? Or will they both draw back out of fear?
In that single inch, that tiny sliver of distance between two palms is two futures and the question 'Will love overcome?'
In it, is the entire fucking world.
That's how you build tension in a romance.

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>In that single inch, that tiny sliver of distance between two palms is two futures and the question 'Will love overcome?'
>In it, is the entire fucking world.
>That's how you build tension in a romance.
Jesus user, you're making me want to actually read some romance novels with talk like that.

This wasn't even romance, nothing happened between anyone. It was introduced just to derail the entire manga.