One Piece

the four surviving scabbards in this one panel

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FIRST for page ONE

Post kino moments

>tfw rangebanned from posting images
Please post Luffy's first punch to Arlong in my stead as well.

zoro vs kaido lets go

I want to ____ Kiku.


So, is Shinobu there?

Jaya bar scene.

olga is best girl

Some HUGE details from Robin's novel in the 9th OP magazine:

- Robin doesn’t like sunsets because it reminds her of Ohara

- It takes at least two weeks from Baltigo to Sabaody

- Sabo brought Robin to Sabaody, but decided not to meet Luffy and asked Robin to hide the matter

- There are no new revolutionary members introduced in this novel

- According to Koala, there is a kingdom that existed hundreds of years ago called Yukali (translation for this name may not be accurate)

- Robin is now learning about this kingdom

- Robin had a meal with the Revolutionary Army before she arrived in Sabaody; the meal is a recipe from the Yukali Kingdom

- When Robin arrived to Sabaody she thought Sabo would ask her about Luffy but he decided to leave saying: "Take care of Luffy for now"

The kingdom of Yukali is a kingdom that has been destroyed and has no indication of ever existing except for the aforementioned food recipe that was preserved for hundreds of years.

shut the fuck up, ulti and keep your precious pagey in line. that piece of shit couldn't even catch a fucking "invisible man", what a complete waste in our rankings

So, anime is on break. Does that mean no episode this weekend? Not that I care about the anime much, but this episode was supposed to be Queen's funky entrance, and the music is something the anime usually gets right.

I hope this is Luffy's end game look. Maybe with some more muscle.

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Just fucking ignore the autist this time

Literally not a single fucking thing here is huge.

yeah, the hiatus starts with this week episode

But Zoro fights the strongest swords(wo)man

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Sabo sounds like a dick. What's the point of not telling Luffy?

Calm your tits, X Drake already confirmed it's that superhero suit from Germa kingdom.

Robin is huge

>wearing a hat with the picture of your own signature hat

what about robin's knockers?

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Oda's hackery needs to be justified

get penetrated by

>implying it's not based as fuck

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Maybe he wanted the reunion of the strawhats to be just that

Still not buying kaido being exclusively a dragon. First of all, if he was a df user he or the executioners would try to drown him. I know kaido's body will probably break every law of one piece physics like he does not need oxygen or whatever but it is weird oda didn't mention drowing. Second of all , if we compare kaido to bm his df doesn't do much for him. Bm can do a lot of hax things but kaido can pretty much only breath fire and be a tank. So i doubt kaido will simply be a zoan with retard strength and advanced haki. He either is a dragon user but has like magic power that allows him to transform to other beasts, hence kaido of the 100 beasts, or he is a oni that can shapeshift without a df.

>The kingdom of Yukali is a kingdom that has been destroyed and has no indication of ever existing
Im-sama, what light shall be snuffed out from this era?

Dragons might just be able to breathe under water, who knows. Either that or Kaido didn't allow them to drown him since it'd be unfair

>Kaidou can't be a dragon because Biggu Mammu is a wizard
What the fuck kind of reasoning is that? Kaidou is a dragon, it is thematically fitting for the arc he is in. Big Mom was a witch in an Alice in Wonderland style fantasy arc. These theories are silly, lead nowhere and worst of all are completely tone-deaf a lot of the time.

Rerun of the Wano arc (episode 892 onwards) starts this week.

I just saw a theory that Robin might betray the strawhats again because she doesn't have a "numbered" chapter dedicated to her.

So how come Kata used a better version of black haki but not Ryuo? And how come Enel and Usopp have a massive range on their haki while Kata and Luffy can see into the future.

Is it just me or improvements in haki are branching and a user can go in several directions?

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I wonder if Im was referring to Robin when she mentioned light.

He can change the weather and cause storms. It's an oriental dragon

Why are theoryfags so obsessed with numbers? Are we reading One Piece or the Jewish Kabala?

He's a oni fishman hybrid, it's not a dragonscale tatoo but real fish scales

Page One and Ulti are cute! CUTE!!!

What's the difference really

>Robin says her enemy is "all the world's darkness"

Explain why kaido didn't attempt drowing or the marines didn't try it. Oda conveniently doesn't mention it. Kaido's characterization is all over the place. Unless oda decides on if kaido is suicidal or not , if he is a hostage taker or a warrior, i still have the right to doubt this till oda decides. It's pretty obvious drowning kaido doesn't work so kaido is not simply a df user

Who was sitting next to him

Honestly, after Sanji got his own leaving arc years after getting the numbered chapter, I stopped paying attention to them so much. Before that Oda pretty consistent with it. And seriously, Sanji arc was shit enough, we don't need another rescue crewmember arc. Ever.

Is this weeks episode part of the pandemic delay?
Are we to wait several weeks to get FUNK and see the bathhouse scene?

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No. The only people Im was occupied with were Teach, Luffy, Shirahoshi and Vivi.

>Hat on a skull, on a hat on another hat on his skull

M8 we had an instance this very arc where someone of Kaidou's caliber should have drowned by all means, but didn't. As Smoothie put it, these are people "where common sense just doesn't apply". He's too tough to drown, simple as that.

Enel was merely using his df to broaden his haki range, usopp has bigger range cause he is a strawhat

Neither does Luffy
Luffy will betray the strawhats


Not only that but Zoro and some samurai trained in Ryou without knowing black haki.
Does it mean Shyarly was using advanced haki to see glimpses of the future without actually knowing haki? Or that Zoro's asura was caused by a branch of Conqueror's haki that we don't yet know about? This is my headcanon now btw.

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Any buyfag in this thread?
What kind of One Piece figure are you looking for next or haven't been able to purchase yet?

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Officially the best moment coming through

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BM was washed ashore though. And the predicament was traumatic enough to give her temporary amnesia, she'd be dead if left in the ocean for longer.

Shit Chopper doesn't have one either so he might too!

Enel uses his fruit to augment his observation haki.
This is how he detects people talking shit and calls down judgement.

Sorry mate. here is post again, but with spoilers
Have you watched 7 samurais? Only 3 of them will survive

Im's eyes look that of Mihawk's or Robin's. Come to think of it, we never saw Robin's father.

there's nine scabbards though so if four die then five live, not three

This right here is peak One Piece.

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>Katakuri didn't have Ryuo
This is where I call you a speed reader and then we argue about niggastreams translation being confusing

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She never declared Luffy to be her Pirate King either. Imagine if she gets her number when she's already dying...

so how's hiyori gonna kill orochi?

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