This is easily one of the worst shonen I ever watched...

This is easily one of the worst shonen I ever watched, it's truly a series you have to be a complete and utter moron to actually enjoy. It's nothing but a long, never-ending, drawn-out, boring, repetitive, childish piece of shit that only idiots with bad taste can actually stomach. I'm talking about years upon years, chapter upon chapter, episode upon episode of this garbage, post after post on this board from these trash ass anons who only talk about mainstream anime/manga acting like One Piece is actually a quality series. I'm talking years upon years of this bullshit. It's absolutely astounding how stupid people can be. It makes no sense, you choose to hype up garbage like One Piece instead of hyping up good series. It makes no sense.

The story in One Piece is by far one of the worst stories ever written, now I'm not even just talking about anime and manga I'm talking of all time like any form of medium. One of the worst stories ever fucking written. If I was a boring ass, mentally handicapped Goku rip-off named Luffy and let's keep it real One Piece as a whole is nothing but a bad DragonBall rip-off it's so goddamn obvious. But yeah it follows a Goku rip-off named Luffy who wants to become Pirate King and find the One Piece really corny ass shit that only idiots would find interesting. Pirates have always been lame, no one cares about pirates. Luffy is by far one of the worst characters of all time he has no depth he gets absolutely no character development and is literally so stupid it hurts. I mean the only explanation as to why someone would create a character this stupid has to be so the audience can relate to him It's like the creator knew how stupid most anime and manga fans are so he was like ''Oh! I'll create a complete idiot to get all the other idiots to check out my series!'' and it seems to have worked.

But bottom line One Piece is trash and only idiots enjoy it.

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>and let's keep it real One Piece as a whole is nothing but a bad DragonBall rip-off it's so goddamn obvious.

Stopped reading there

It gets better after episode 176 trust me

its gets better after 499 episodes trust me

I know this is supposed to be bait but
Luffy is smarter than you could ever hope to be. He also isn't meant to be relatable, He's as much a rip off of Goku as Goku was of sun wukong. Luffy is just the best iteration of the monkey king archetype and he differs greatly from Goku in many ways and has more subtle depth.

Honestly long-running shounen and the "stock shounen hero" are both cancerous in general.
With long running shounen there's just no point to anything. It's always the author pulling filler shit out of their ass to extend the series and milk more money out of it, instead of telling a concise, sensical and fulfilling story. It's ultimately to the series detriment, too, because people catch on to it and can tell what the author's trying to do, making sales plummet and getting the series axed at an unsatisfactory point anyways.
And the stock shounen hero is just... a tard. A flat, boring character, and often the worst part of the series. I don't want to follow a series if I don't like its protagonist, or if I've seen the same protagonist in a dozen other series. One Piece is the embodiment of every awful part of the shounen genre.

Luffy is a retard but there are a lot of good characters even inside just the main crew like Zoro and Robin

Luffy is a lot smarter than he seems.

Every shonen series is pretty trash, as they are literally written for teenage boys and manchildren

This is obvious bait and you havent even watched the first 50 episodes.

There are Individual arcs in One Piece that are more concise and fullfilling than most stories. Pretty much everything is structured and planned out,Unlike other shounen One Piece was meant to be long running, which is why One Piece sales have been mostly consistent for twenty years and will reach their higher than eve Once it reaches the final arcs.
>One Piece is the embodiment of every awful part of the shounen genre.
And yet it's the most acclaimed and successful of them all.
Luffy is also a great protagonist and sets himself apart quite a bit from other protagonists.

>successful means good
Typical shonentard, I guess lol

Nice blog, you haven't even read till arlong park I assume. Are you gonna do every popular shounen.

They're also trash with no development or depth, all the Strawhats suck and they act the same as they did since the beginning of the series. And all the side characters are trash as well, One Piece introduces all these filler ass characters that just don't matter. You know there's only a few characters in One Piece that are pivotal to the story. They just introduce all these trash ass characters and it's no one cares about them. It's ridiculous.

How do you have a series go this long? What is it like 1000 chapters now or something? You have a story go this long and you don't even know what character development is. I laugh so hard when the OPtards claim that a character has gotten character development. NOBODY in One Piece has gotten character development. That shows how stupid the average shonen fan is because it's like you motherfuckers wouldn't know character development if you tripped over it. Who the hell in One Piece has gotten character development? Nobody, you can't look to one character in the Strawhat Pirates and say man he's really changed from when he started! Fuck no, they've gotten worse. Luffy continues to make stupid ass mistakes, he continues to act like an idiot 24/7 and you would think after you know all the stuff he's been through he said ''I need it to get it together I need to stop playing around so much'' but no he still acts a blithering blabbering idiot. How is this enjoyable?

Nami got breast development, Boom!

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I don't know man, one piece is very nuanced and full of allegories. It's one of the best manga out there, better than berserk (berserk is so trash nowadays), vinland, fma, SBR,etc.
The only manga that could potentially reach the same level as one piece that i could think of are kingdom, 20th century boys, and maaaaayyybe punpun.
>b-but what about hxh
the only good arcs are yorknew and chimera ant, the rest are garbage especially the current one.

Incredible, literally nothing you said applies to One Piece. It feels like you only know that it's a long shounen and only know Luffy through indirect means rather than the actual manga.

>will be higher than ever once it reaches its final arcs
So even OPtards are waiting for it to end, kek

I also said acclaimed, you retard.

>Retard mistaking shallow progression for development.
Progression doesn't make characters good, no one in cowboy bebop and many other stories progresses much either, but 12 years olds like you who hear the word "character development' and think you understand what it means act like you're making an actual criticism when you're just embarrassing yourselves. it's fine if you enjoy progression but that doesn't make a character good. The straw hats do progress slowly as well but maybe it's too subtle for you morons, None of them are really starting from a place of where they need to change drastically past their initial arcs. There are minor side characters that do progress greatly but that doesn't make them better.
>but no he still acts a blithering blabbering idiot
He never did act like an actual idiot and has gotten even smarter now. You need guts to become pirate king, if Luffy became too cautious and lost his will, he would have no chance.

No just pointing out a fact, the final arcs could last 100s of chapters for all we know.

It's supposedly supposed to be about finding the One Piece and become a Pirate King yet barely anything that happens in the story has anything to do with that. The plot progression is so goddamn non existent it's ridiculous. This is a damn near every arc in One Piece plays out: sail to an island, meet some boring new characters, get some corny overdramatic backstory about the new characters, learn the island is being terrorized by a villain, Luffy decides he wants to help out his new friends and beat up the bad guy and due to his plot armor he wins, rinse and repeat. That's it, sail to an island and do the same shit for 1000 chapters.

And each island they're sailing to, are they trying to figure out leads to find the One Piece, are they trying to figure out how to you know basically progress the story and find the One Piece and gather together clues and stuff? HELL NO. They're just doing all types of shit that has nothing to do with the main story, all of this shit feels like FILLER, all of it feels like filler.

What has anything that they've done throughout the whole series had anything to do with finding the One Piece? Now, I'll give you the first couple (and they were horrible by the way) like hundred chapters where he's kinda like just assembling his crew because that's how the story starts off, he goes from island to island assembling his crew and then again in typical One Piece repetitive fashion: we get the overdramatic backstory for the character then the character joins the crew. But after the crew is assembled, why are they still not doing what they're supposed to be doing?

It's ridiculous man and it just shows that this is pure milking at its finest because the creator knows he can continue to milk this trash and the idiots will still watch it and read it. The story is full of cheesy ass comedy that only an immature moron would find funny, full of snot infested crying. It's just way too childish. This is the most childish shonen out there.


All buzzwords with no meaning, no real criticism. If you are going to be this vapid just type "wan piss sux i h8 it" and get on with your life.

>"no one in cowboy bebop and many other stories {headcanon} much either"

What’s with the author’s bizarre fixation upon cartoony, idiotic/ugly looking characters with no appeal?
By drawing every newly introduced character like that, he’s basically resigning them to always and forever be useless pieces of shit, doomed to a short, gimmicky life. Eventually, with that kind of shitty treatment, the reader begins picking out who’s really important to the plot by which bad dudes look kind of serious, and if not, appears dangerous if dropped on one’s foot. God awful character designs to go along with god awful characters.

nice essay btw. shitlord

>You know there's only a few characters in One Piece that are pivotal to the story
There are hundreds of characters that are pivotal to the story. Your idea of what the story is, is just retarded

why does this retard write massive texts. no one cares. shounen fag.

At least One Piece isn;t pedo bait like most of Japanese cartoons

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>>"no one in cowboy bebop and many other stories {headcanon} much either"
No, not head canon, check out most stories people consider classics and there isn't really more progression than One Piece. Though the straw hats will obviously be much different in the end.

Except, some of the most Important chaarcters have goofy designs. It works in universe.

But I can assume it's all retarded buzzwords and speedreading bullshit.

Ok list ALL the Straw hats' "progression".

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Toei really is fucking cancer.

Imagine putting this much effort in a bait

Nice retort, wan piss drinker.

>This is easily one of the worst shonen I ever watched
you can't just say shit like this when fairy tail exists

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Yeah dbz has buu,cell and freeza. hxh has cell 2.0. Mha has that hand fucker. Almost every shounen has trash character design. Deal with it.

>I ever watched
Animefag got pleb filtered, stay tuned for more shocking developments.

Who wants to read what some spastic fuck has to say about some overrated shounen. Btw keep seething.