Italian anime openings

Dumping some of my favourites.

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Best of the best, even better than the japanese one

I'm afraid this thread will be deleted but anyway BASED

Nobody cares about your shitty dub or any dub for that matter.

your pizza sucks too!
Too bad we'll never find out who composed it...
absolutely. Hnk is pretty big In italy, this video has more views than the original op

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Incredibly based thread my friend

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Love them. Soulful

Have some actual kino

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basato e animepillolato

I was about to post Planet O. Awesome openings.

Part 2's ending is also beautiful, it always makes me want to cry.

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Italians? I thought they were wiped out.

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God, everytime i hear that thunder at the beginning I get rock hard.

Record of lodoss war OP and ED

Rare case of decent adaptation from original

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I've always liked the Italian version of Yattaman

Used to watch it on the local tvs back at home , past lunch

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Peline story

This one has a marked '70 vibe. Not bad at all

Giorgia Lepore is the singer

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Never heard of this anime, but these songs are beautiful. Thank you user.

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this one is great

Tokimeki Tonight

Very appreciated by my young self, since she had nothing under that cape.
God knows how many times i did fap to Lum or Ransie

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The Slayers

it's a medieval ballad, i remember seeing some of the episodes on TV and being absolutely mesmerized by this OP. One of my all time favourites


A bit too old to have seen this anime on tv, but i've recently discovered the OP and it's fucking catchy

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I don't know Italian, same for Japanese, so rarely I just find one of those "Sigla" videos on youtube and sometimes I like the sound of them.

Good choice user, it's one of the very few Cristina's songs that can be saved from the trashcan
Lady Oscar
(the rose of versailles)

Another hit from the late seventies early eighties. Had huge success here in Italy at that time.

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>lyrics painting him as Jesus Christ
goat adaptation

Based, came here to post Shaman King.

Planet O,

Incorreggibile Lupin

and Hello lupin,

The holy trinity of Lupin III openings.

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(Miracuru Shōjo Rimitto chan)

TOTALLY NOT a cover of Obladi Oblada

But it's catchy

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R.I.P it/a/non.

>80's Dr Slump and arale op

>Any dub

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What made them choose that one random song.


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