Do you love Kimetsu no yaiba?

It's overrated trash.

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watched the anime first, it was like a 7/10

read the manga, its like a 7/10

Anime is a 7/10
Manga is a 5/10

The anime story wasn't amazing or mind blowing but Ufotable did such a good job on it to make it seem really good with clean fluid animation which is why a lot of people enjoyed it like myself.
I really enjoyed it.

If another studio adapts this it doesn't even come close to the popularity it has today.

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overrated as fuck but still not the worst shonen ive seen

MHA is better.

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this doesn't exist


I liked the manga
The ending could've been better but it was fitting for a jump title

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Id give it an 8.6 Better than Fullmetal honestly. People actually die, fights have stakes, the final villain isnt super ridiculous. The muzanjiro thing was kinda annoying, but considering most battle shonen's asspulls I was relatively fine with it. No one won with the power of friend ship or because I got really pissed. Final fight kept away from cliches and what we were expecting. Plus Godjima strangling a baby is top kek.

it ended? was that really the last chapter with nezuko hugging him?

The anime sold the story. The story and plot is honestly nothing special, generic Japanese shonen show A - but the art execution really made me feel for the story.

Key moments for me was when Tanjiro did the training in the mountains and when he faced off against the giant demon in the final exam.

Not the last chapter, there'll be some aftermaths and interactions for the next 2 chapters
Maybe a timeskip in the last one but I think that's it

I sure fucking hope this is the case because otherwise I'll lose all respect I have for wani

It's underrated gold.

>when it outsold onepiece
What planet are you living on?

planet 4channel

while it is certainly not underrated in the west bocuck no hero is way more popular and that sucks.
i wouldn't mind if it were one piece but cmon. boku sucks.

Was there already a sequel or some spin off announced?

>boku sucks
just like kny or black clover, retard. none of them are as good as the big 3

Overrated generic manga.


only movie

Thread should have ended here

Yeah it's really good
I can't believe it's going to take 5 years for Infinity Fortress to be animated

overrated but not trash.
BNHA is the actual overrated trash

sales say otherwise kek

>Love KnY
yes, it is very fun

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was following KNY since chapter 3 of the manga and I loved it all the way.
kinda sad that my ship never even became popular tho.

I don't like to eat shit.

Avatar is the greatest movie of all time.

I like gone with the wind