Tower of God anime

episode 4 is out!!!
eurasia family members are cheaters

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Not anime

It is cause its produced by a Japanese studio. By all means, its an anime.

4 days to the best girl ever

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Source material isn't Japanese therefore it's not anime.

>Source material isn't Japanese therefore it's not anime.

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what's this crunchyroll gookshit doing here?
anyway, it looks awful

>SIU wrote that she was the most beautiful woman of the Season 1 Regulars.
How can other girls even compete?

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She just needs to file down that horn and she's perfect.

Does it ever get explained why Rachel is such a bitch to everyone?

Because SIU wanted to make her relatable. Apparently he thinks everyone in real life is like Rachel. He's not wrong.

Dragon Ball isn't Yas Forums then, since Journey to the West is Chinese.

She's super pissed that everyone else around her is 'exceptional' (ignoring that some of them trained/practiced extensively to become so) and she's just a plain nobody who was never given a proper chance so she resorts to manipulating said exceptional people to raise herself up. This mentality also means she feels little remorse dropping people when they stop being useful.

No one ever cared about her or gave her a chance so now she doesn't care about anyone else and uses other people to make her own chance, basically.

>No one ever cared about her or gave her a chance

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This looks like a cheap copy of HxH minus the deaths

why user?
in many anime there are tests

I'm on the tail end of the Hell Train arc so I'm not fully caught up but it seems to me Rachel considered Bam more like a Pet/Puppy when they were together/when she did the thing at the end of season 1.

She's seems to have some affection for him but doesn't truly care.

I unironically want it to be revealed that Rachel is acting/doing what she is because she's trying to protect Bam from something higher up the tower holy shit the people posting the HATE RACHEL comments on every single chapter/episode would go fucking nuclear

name at least 3

hate the lolrandom goofness and that annoying crocodile guy whatever his name is

Crocodile's WIS is maxed out, he might be dumb, but he is right.

Naruto,Dragonball , boku no hero academia

why don't mods delete this spammer? last i checked generals were forbidden

>episode 4 is out!!!
How many threads have you made already?

only naruto counts in genin arc that's all

>No one ever cared about her or gave her a chance
How do you give someone a chance when they live in some dark cave outside the tower?

Well it's not like she was there all the time? Bam was there for ages before she showed up.

She wasn't stuck with Bam either, she just visited him a lot.

i fucking hate u

why user?

and for hxh it's only for hunter exams compared to this where you get tests as the basis for moving forward in the story

>beats the shit out of those two guys like it was nothing
>true gender equality
Best character

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miss green loli fucker

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You do realise how many stories are adaptations of western stories? Is Vinland saga anime since it's based on real people who live in Northern Europe? How about Arte? Is moomin anime since it's based on novels written by a finnish author? How about all those superhero anime adaptations like wolverine and batman? Are those anime?

God, the animation for pretty much every show I'm watching was garbage this week. It's like every good animator in the world caught corona and they had to outsource everything.

I picked up the anime after forgetting about the webtoon literal years ago and I'm really enjoying it so far, forgot how much I liked the beginning. Now I don't know whether to read the original again or just wait for the anime to finish airing.
Hwaryun best girl

reread user
they cut too much little details
here the official translatetion is shit

Gustang a cuck

>caring about visuals over story and character interactions
Anime was a mistake.

>because you complained about something, it means that is the most important thing to you
Don't reply to me again, autist.

I thought "Black March" meant march the action and not the month until this episode.