The Cuckoo's Fiancee

The manga is getting the WSM issue 24 cover because volume 1 release and "extreme popularity

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Fuck off JB shill

There are very few WSM manga covers. Only for anime promotion of consolidated series and end of serializations of big hits. For example, Tokyo Revengers, Blue Lock, KanoKari, Orient or Hitman haven't still featured a WSM cover. Runway got only one. I don't remember about To Your Eternity

Cuckoo getting a cover, and so early, is big

It's not big, it's desperate.

>extreme popularity
Why must they lie?

Is ranking high in WSM ToCs, having a big base in Magapoke and having very good numbers in Amazon pre-orders.

I know some of you hate Cuckoo for no reason (muh JB shilling is a very stupid reason) but don't be blind. Cuckoo is showing very good numbers and Kodansha is pleased. Hitman or Kanokari didn't manage that in their first chapters

garbage manga

What is Hiro thinking?

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Spoilers are out. The one who forgot her umbrella was Hiro. Nagi accompanied her to her temple

No Sachi, few Erika scenes


In 15 chapters Cucko's Fiancee had had
>2 lead color pages
>1 center color page
>1 WSM cover

Not even 5toubun had that

Cuckoochads... we are unstoppable

Or it could be that WSM is just shilling it

Kusokarifag detected

When's this gonna get the anime?

why should 5toubun get all that?
I don't get the comparative

Another Hiro chapter?

Eh, has WSM ever been in a worse state than this though? Their biggest seller sells like 200k lol. They must be pretty desperate for hits.

Not trying to take a jab at Cuckoo since I don't read it, but I'd wager that plays a big part. WSM needs things to land and get big fast.

Probably in two-three years at the earliest

She's like the only actually interesting girl, compared to
>generic main girl camwhore
>irrelevant imouto

Erika is being also interesting

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yeah this proves lead cover pages do not have anything to do with success.

>not in the oneshot

>extreme popularity
I guess adding Hiro was a good decision
I'm only salty about the severe lack of Sachicute

And yet she's getting more spotlight than the other two girls in the oneshot combined.

She's more interesting even though she fucked up the cuckoo premise

>extreme popularity
>WSM editors fall for the JB shill

Cuckoo Discord. They are legit

Redpill me on JB shill, how powerful is he

Uh no? Erika has way more screentime.

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Sachifags, we must endure these dark moments