Chihatan starts off as a school full of totsugeki bakas

>Chihatan starts off as a school full of totsugeki bakas
>Slowly but surely things begin to change
>See the girls mature and grow, even realizing eventually that charging into everything doesn't solve all your problems nor is it always effective
>Manage to get past the first round of a tournament for the first time and shake Ooarai with some hard punches in Das Finale 2
>All this character development goes to waste because Miho ex machina will not under ANY circumstances fail in paving a literal retard's path to university with gold while letting her play pretend commander

Since when did Ooarai become the bad guys?

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Since Das Film
Think about it

>Killed Alice Shimada's dream of a new Boko Museum
>refused to accept the fate of their dying school
>forced major rule changes to Tankwondo that might change the sport into an artillery contest

>Japan is the bad guys again
imagine me shook

Maybe they will bring better tanks next time?

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Miho is trying to turn the most morons into intelligent people as possible. She has to win to help the ones at her school too.

Because the oorai focus should have ended with Der Film. It was a perfect escalation from the anime to the movie. All the guppies came together to fight an actual unbeatable team, but won due to combined effort and superior nishizumi autism. It can only go downwards from there. Oorai is no longer an underdog and getting momo into college under false achievements is scummy as fuck. By this time all the other schools should have a big enough fanbase so that they dont need to suck off ooarai anymore. The story should focus more on the future of all the other schools, since most commanders gonna leave high school soon.

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Most? Almost al commanders will graduate, the only ones to stay are Miho, Kinuyo and Eclair.

Well technically erika is already commander by the time of DF, but you are right.

Which is why I want Darjeeling to kick Miho/Momo's butt in the final.
SHE is the one that carry her team with zero plot armor & average tanks.

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>Showing the weak side armor to the enemy
U foken wot?

>Implying Darjeeling won't get assblasted by DUCE

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Potential History video of lesser Axis powers and their tanks.
Who do you want to see in GuP? The Ustase sounds fun

Darjeeling is boring, every other school would be a better final boss

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I just recogmized something worrying about Noemis witch-senpai...

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Yeah, the dumb wani and KMM again really really would be better.

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More like Mika will rape Ooarai, and then she will beat the slag in the final.

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Glad that you agree

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Cute Koume

>Manage to get past the first round of a tournament for the first time
user, the only reason why they are totsugeki bakas is because one time they reached the semis with that tactic.

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Nah, i would prefer the midget over the wani.

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You know what, even thats better than the slag.

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She's probably the least expected one if you ask me. I'd still prefer to see Chovy actually dabbing on the slag and making it to the finals

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is it possible to make a season that doesnt revolve around a tournament arc

More pasta kino would be great, still gonna root for the wani. Even tho st. gloria in final seems to be inevitable.

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The Boko Musuem was fixed

Yeah, how about saving the school!?


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Oorai Vs Gloriana + Alice. Perfect final boss.

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Slag and alice both suck. That would be the worst

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I want Continuation to win honestly

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I really would not like that, St Gloriana already has interesting girls, and Alice would overshadow them.

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Erika would be worse.

Maybe Miho/Alice take eachother out early, Momo has to take the spotlight eventually.

That would be cool too

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Do they have other tanks?
I know they don't have many and steal but I thought they would have a few converted ones.

Yeah, they have more tanks
>The Renault FT, the slightly more modern Vickers 6-Ton, the T-26, and the BT-5 and BT-7 tanks make up their light, mobile force, which supplements their heavier force. From Russia comes the T-34-76, T-34-85, KV-1, and the multi-turretted T-28. From Germany comes the Sturmgeschütz III Model G and the Panzer IV Model J.

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That would be dumb and boring, better put Alice in Keizoku.


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Nice, hope we will see them.


We won’t. They don’t have enough side characters for a senshado team.