One ticket to the Doga Kobo Jahy-sama adaption please

One ticket to the Doga Kobo Jahy-sama adaption please

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You'll get your adaption once you pay your rent

you'll get your rent WHEN YOU FIX THIS DAMN DOOR

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If you promised to forgive her rent but only in exchange for a blowjob... how would she's react? Would that be legal?

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She's already scissoring landlady for rent, why would she accept your offer?

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Look at this and tell me that the landlady isn't about to collect some 'rent'.

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There's nothing mentally ill about a woman enjoying other women's vaginas.

Jahy is straight and only like adult men and she would only ever have sex with adult men.

Delusional fanficfag

The only men who have a chance of fucking anything in the Konbuverse are shotas.

Doga Kobo? I only know of the CGI Shaft anime.

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I will, with Jahy.


How about Jahy-sama adoption instead?

I would never charge Jahy-sama rent. I would dote on her like the adorable little ragamuffin she is.

Jahy is too pure to understand how lewd she is.

>hurr I'd let this smelly brown hobo live RENT FREE in my property,
No wonder every person here is fucking poor, you have no idea how to utilize your assets.

I'm not obsessed with sex or anything but if I could do it only once with Jahy, my life would be complete... I would be so happy...!!!

No, but I know how I'd utilize her assets.

One ticket to the Jahy nudie show please!

Exactly my fucking point, valuing cunny over reliable income is exactly why you'll never escape the grind.

t. aho shoujo

Nothing is more valuable than cunny

With money you can BUY cunny retard.

Why doesn't just sell cunny?

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more cunny?

Sorry landlady, here's rent for this month.

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I didn't get it the first time I read it either, but it's not during work, に can also be used sort of like や, but indicating excess, the meaning is essentially something like "from working my part time job, to looking for magic gems", in the sense that's it's a lot of shit to do.
はず is essentially "should be this way", the first sentence is something like
"The magic gems have been collected, my powers should be coming back, however..."
means destroy, not gather.

You also seem to mistake -する and -される, and -まる and -める, though that could just be you choosing to restructure some sentences. But in case it is a mistake, if the vowel in the first sign is A, it means having the thing done to you, rather than doing the thing.

This is about as far from Jahy as one can get