Go watch Excel Saga

Go watch Excel Saga.
If you already saw it a couple of years ago, go rewatch it.
If you already saw it a couple of months,weeks or even days ago...go rewatch it.

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What should I do if I saw it decades ago?

Go rewatch it.

Just downloaded the manga, wish me luck

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Nah, it looks too old.

Then go rewatch it.

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Who was in the wrong?


>Who was in the wrong?

Sorry but I have another 17 different battle shounens to watch after I'm done with MHA


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You're old,user.

what happen to the manga?

It ended.

Dude I like excel saga but dont spam this thread so much.

To show I'm trying to be sincere did you know the official evangelion site used to always have fan art by other mangaka? And for their 10year anniversary pic they used a pic by Koshi Rikdo?
(But I forget if it was misato dressed as excel or excel dressed as misato)

Did you say something?

Is there any ryona?

Yes, Every single episode.


Good luck.

Billy jean

John travolta.

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Absolutely based and ahead of it's time


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You know despite the comedy, the series actually has an overarching serious plot. Think end of the manga Excel becomes a god or something.

The anime had Pedro, that's all the overarching plot you need.