Name a girl more hotter than Shana

Name a girl more hotter than Shana

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my waifu

His waifu

This guy's waifu

2nd poster's waifu

The Shana I went to high school with.

Your waifu.

The waifu that belongs to him

Literally any other decent arted anime most cute female character.

I don't even need to think about it, the last thing I've seen is Appare Ranman! so basically this chinese trash proud girl is hotter.

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Looks like discount Vamirio to be honest

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I read this a few months ago, thought it was pretty fun.
Whats the general consensus on this?

why the fuck do you care about the general consensus

Just interested in what other anons think

People generally enjoyed it and it had a fair following due to a guy called rello translating it and dumping the chapters at an inhuman speed. He did so until he caught up with all the available chapters and literally vanished afterwards. Then the hype died out and translations naturally slowed down to match the manga release schedule. Because of this, a lot of anons who followed the translations all the way from the beginning are left under the impression that the plot suddenly slowed down midway and have a problem with that. But in reality, if you were to read it all in one sitting, I don't think there would be any real noticeable change in pacing. I still sometimes wonder what happened to rello.

My waifu.

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There isn't one.

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Silly Shana, it's almost May.

Oh God Shana is hot

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I love this fiery melon bread girl like you wouldn't believe!

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This is now a Helck thread

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The official one, rather than all the moe fan-art where he's all edge, all rage, and slices fools in a trenhcoat.

All this moe shit is such a misconstruction of the character.

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Pink Shana

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Why was this so good then turned into the worst shit ever?

S2 was filled with filler which killed the pacing, plus it had anime original shit.

I cant.

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Why is Anne is so perfect?

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This man's waifu