ITT: Genuine masterpiece

ITT: Genuine masterpiece

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>time flop
Pick one.

I really miss the comfy threads we had. Too bad the schizo had to ruin them in the end.

fuck off

Just ignore the idiot. You got lots of friends who remember. If he's starting shit just make the thread good and say "in your face"

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it's kind of boring





You know it's kino when it triggers dedicated shizoposting for years


I was extremely boring and yuru camp is better anyway

I hate this bitch like you wouldn't believe.

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Might rewatch it during the quarantine, good show.

>I was extremely boring
you still are, since you can only think in terms of console wars

she got away with everything

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they're both boring.

Yes user you're extremely boring and your taste is bad glad you admit it.

>I was extremely boring
self-criticism is good sometimes but please do not overdo it

What a bitch

Someone say masterpiece?

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>Critics honor programs with hope of improving quality of Japanese broadcast culture

>improving quality of Japanese broadcast culture

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I really like the parts when they were on the boat in the south Atlantic for some reason.

Can someone explain what they like about this? Is it something that just appeals to normalfags or can hikkineet otaku enjoy it too?

It was cheap manipulative garbage for bottom feeders.

The toilet evergarbage is two threads down

>another flopped and forgotten over hyped trash that Yas Forums liked

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potential ayys involved is why I started watching, it never paid off but there was plenty of cgdct, its very slice of life, not very formulaic but at the same time its just a bunch of girls who go to antarctica.
Hinata best girl.

the problem is simple, it outsold Violet Evergarden and so did Yuru Camp which meant the kyoani fanboys got butthurt and call it the worst anime ever made. its not a bad anime, neither is VEG.
the crown for that season went to Yuru Camp, deservedly so.

I like it because It's cute and bunch of odd cute girls go to Antarctica. Which is an odd interesting place for anime to take place in. It's kind of a sad but also heartwarming series.