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Too wide for my screen.

Oh, there was a whole new chapter I hadn't seen. Cute!

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>next chapter in 12,000 years
At least Ume never goes on hiatus.

not on this but hidamari sketch is now hiatus sketch

>6 months
a refresher is in order but I'll take my chances.

Cool but when is her oni manga going to be completed?

>Has been on hiatus for years, with only vague hints of returning.
Why did you have to tell me about this? I love oni girls, I can't start a series on hiatus like this, but I want to.

>3 chapters
Welp, normally this equals to an entire year of release. Feels good to overdose on this feeling of heartburn while grinning like an idiot the whole time.

>Went hiatus just before the se chapter
Sasuga Ume

Ume still got her touch I see. This shit is just the cutest.

Please no drama.

Oh did you just pick it up too? I picked it up like a week or so ago. Welcome to 3 chapters a year hell.

Dump eeeet

No idea what it is but it looks cute according to this thread I should definitely not start it, correct?

You should absolutely start it! Just be warned about the slow production times. Also, its not hiatus or breaks, the mag it comes out in only publishes 3 times a year, so the wait is normal.

Read it fag

Binetsu Kuukan is the cutest manga that I can't ever recommend that anyone should actually pick up, because anyone who does will be stuck in eternal waiting hell.

At least it ended in a good spot, and the oni girl finally found her mother

Meh It's not that big might as well, I wanna read more lighthearted stuff anyway. thanks.


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>keep forgetting what happened in the last chapter
>have to re-read it everytime

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Just fuck already.

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I've pick this up due to a thread earlier this week.

Why is the release schedule such an inconsistent clusterfuck?

Magazine publishes 3 times

>dad gives his blessing
They are gonna fuck 24/7

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He clearly didn't mean it in that way.

He's had like three lines so far and two of them were basically this, I feel like he's trying to tell him something.

What the hell does Ume do inbetween chapters anyway?

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Tell me, did she enjoy being caressed by him?

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Guys what happened to Ume other manga, Mado no mokugawa?
There are only 4 chapters for years and the Raws are on volume 6 already


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Wasting her talent on mobage art