Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai S2

Episode 03 in the next hours

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Wonder which part this season will end at?

hey, this show seems really cute. I want to start watching it

I just saw this picture recently. Are these two that great of a couple that the show is so beloved? This series seems to be really popular because of the romance so i'm curious to see it.

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If I remember correctly it ends at the phone thingy. Chapter 101.

But goddamn they are gonna skip way too much stuff. I hope they make OVAs to compensate for the cut content.

Like what they did with the Hayasaka chapter, I think they will move chapters for the other season


Isn't it delayed/postponed, because of corona?

how long until i see more of this adorable tyrant?

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Wholesome Kaguya doujins when?

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>If I remember correctly it ends at the phone thingy. Chapter 101.
Where was that said?

Yeah but from what I've seen and figured now they are gonna have

>Hayasaka chapters and related
>Iino and related stuff
>Ishigami and sport festival
>Moon gazing
>the drama about disbanding

on top of this we are suppose to have more relaxed chapters. I fear that they are gonna cut Iino stuff. We might never get the manwhore chapter either.

Never said anywhere but I remember some trailer or someting revealing certain parts of that chapter and discussing it.

Besides it is the most obvious choice.

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Kei is a literal angel. Wish I had a little sister like that.

Pretty sure Maki is gonna be sidetracked and her chapters moved to season 3.

Kinda sad and also kinda weird since she was in season 1 opening and was also seen already in this season.

Maki is season 3 stuff anyway. The only setup flip phone needs is Miko's inclusion. Maki's proper introduction needs Kashiwagi thinking her boyfriend is cheating, and the karaoke chapter. After that is the equivalent of "The Council isn't Alpha".

Oh yeah they aren't probably gonna do the karaoke chapter either. Damn.

I hope they don't wait too long to start making season 3.

I would never stop having sex with her

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You should watch it. Those two in your pic aren't together yet. But the dominos for them are all being set.

She'll be with her true love soon, and that the blonde self insert will probably go offscreen by himself

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Ep 3 never

So it's really going this way huh? Although I rather see Kaguya getting NTR'D

3 hours 45 minutes

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I'm going to bed, somebody wake me up when the episode is out.

Sure, give me your phone number and I'll call you when the time is right. :^)

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>somebody wake me up when the episode is out
Give me your number, I'll call you

>it's still 12:17

I'm hoping this chapter gets adapted, even if the chances are slim.

Surely you wouldn't be so cruel to trick user and call him way too late?

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daily reminder that kaguya is a whore and ntrchads won

Deebest lore.

ohhh... surely you know the implications of such a bold statement? In this day and age, the ritual of exchanging contact information is an act of love, after all.

>the ritual of exchanging contact information is an act of love
That's precisely why I'm asking.

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