ITT 1/10 MCs

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OP is a 1/10 MC in life. Off yourself.

He was season 1

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These 3 are unironically on my top5 list for MCs of the past decade.

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Ok, you start.

Omg when it peter was the eye he said hey sandy it pulled up Siri??

100% I cant get past the 1st few eps because this guy.

Love this little champ

Did this guy ever hookup with the orphanage nun? Couldn't get past episode 2.


typical shounen protags, whiny pussies

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And he was better in S2.

Unironically one of the better shonen MC's this decade who actually interacts with the cast aside from "I need to get stronger"


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>Unironically one of the better shonen MC's
imagine being this delusional

These 2 are just badly written so yeah, 1/10
If you don't like this guy that just means that you don't like yourself.
These are typical shonen MCs, they are supposed to be immature and annoying so you can see them grow up, if anything they are a 5/10 at worst.

>These are typical shonen MCs
>if anything they are a 5/10 at worst.

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Emma ruins Neverland. It's kind of impressive, actually

Based, fuck Black Clover. I seriously think the 10 people who like that series are mental impaired

Asta doesn't need to grow despite all his flaws he already has a harem and most people who aren't cartoonish snobby nobles love singing his praises. He's basally a self inset LN protagonist

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>If you don't like this guy that just means that you don't like yourself.
Or maybe you should stop projecting.

>BC is bad
Yes we know

eeh nandate?!

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>hachiman is badly written
>out-of-ass obnoxious shounen MCs grow up