Has there ever been a bad JS character in anime or manga?

Has there ever been a bad JS character in anime or manga?

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No, but Noa comes close.

I prefer TypeScript characters

You posted her. Blue doormat Ai a shit.

69 with Char (6) and Ai (9)!

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bad in a naughty way?

Did someone say Ginko?

Mon Seul kills my boner for weeks every time I read it, so that.

Those two prepubescent girls are really hot. Just fapped to this.

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Why are JS characters always so pure but also seem like they're begging for sex? There must be some kind of reason...!?

Every single one ever.

JY is good. JS is bad. JC is good. JK is bad. JD is good. And so on.

Ginko a shit.
Blue eyes white dragon a best.

This one's good too.

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Elementary school girls are the best!

>Beret + pantsu + loli
My weaknesses...

Cute little girls are never a bad thing

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>the stain
Dirty girl.

Dead filthy loli

Has there ever been a good (JS) loli h-anime? Even in Shoujo Ramune, they look a bit over-developed.

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This one destroyed my dick

Unfortunately loli hentai anime seems to age up the girls a lot. Look at Tiny Evil for example.

Back in the day, there was a hentai called Lolicon Angel, which is 22 minutes long and has various sex scenes (yuri cunnilingus, old man x loli, etc.). Not to mention, it's 100% uncensored.

What's going on here?

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>Dead filthy loli
She’s not dead. She’s just in a coma

>piss stain

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>Has there ever been a bad JS character in anime or manga?
I don't read Jounen Shump because I'm not a pleb.

I wish her anime had more lewds.

Suki de suki de suki de
Shoujo Kyouiku RE 2

Yes. I still don't forgive Aguri for putting best girl in a coma for a quarter of the fucking show and being a deus ex machina.

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The shitty vampire tsundere ribbon imouto from that one manga by Takagi's author.
She's so shitty it doesn't matter that she's a JS, or an imouto, or a vampire.

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