Why does everyone hate Sword Art Online?

Why does everyone hate Sword Art Online?
>it's generic isekai
Wasn't SAO the first anime to follow the generic isekai trope that ensued it 'generic isekai' after? Is so, SAO should be considered a significant series along the likes of NGE and Cowboy Bebop.
It was avant-garde of its time.

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Nobody hates SAO, just the trend that it started.

Because it's poorly written garbage that's wildly popular.

For me I just don't like VRMMORPG anime. I'd rather an isekai to be set in a real world with real people and real struggles.

It's poorly written tripe with zero sense of pacing or prose.

1st season started off really good and then got really bad for some reason

It's not very good, also it set the trend for the next decade of anime and light novels. The fact that it's been baby's first anime for many years now cements the hatred most of us feel for it.

i hate kirito

It was (and still is to some degree) popular to hate it. Nowadays not many people actually give a fuck since there are dozens of worse isekai shows out there.
I personally don't care about it since isekai is not my thing.

all isekai are the same, stupid MC with no life came out and become the most popular into girls.

I don't now why everyone is tired of this OP.

the first two episodes were so promising desu

such a waste afterwards

and the fucking Japanese with reducing a skilled warrior to a at-home cook instead, so stupid

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>waste of setting
>special snowflake MC double wielder
>can stop death caused by computer by pure willpower
Because it's garbage.

Yas Forums liked SAO before the anime aired. As always, an anime ruins everything.

too many people here watch anitubers and they even copy their opinions

>>it's generic isekai
imagine actually thinking a VRMMO series is isekai

take away the isekai trope and it generic even for its time.
Its hated because it had a good premise, a neat concept and setting and a strong start, but then turned into some generic shit wasting all the potential it had.
No drama, character development, replaceable cast (they all just were cheerleaders for kirito basically), a lot of pointles story (you could pretty much skip everything but the start, kirito becoming one of Asunas guildmembers and the fight with heathcliff, then skip to the final raid and you would essentially not miss anything.
Just watch Sword Art Online Abridged to see how much wasted potential it has, as this fanmade parody made it at least twice as good

Every capeshit is the same.

They just don’t like Kirito.

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The difference is that N.G.E. is still good even when it was often imitated, and ranks better than most of it's clones.

If the clones are better than the original; then all it had was a gimmick, not actually good writing.

>SAO Abridgedfag
Opinion discarded

>SAO is isekai
>SAO started the isekai boom
Getting real fucking sick of this dumb meme.

So just like in sao ?

As stupid as the “native isekai” meme.

except all isekai after sao are shitty copies of it ?

What's the source of the girl on the left? I've seen her around.

I wonder how many "why does everyone hate SAO" threads there have been in the history of this board

Just ignore the Yas Forums tourist threads.

>cant appreciate quality

Kirito was voted the most popular character of the decade. Japs love him and the show

Only westerntrannies hate him

No, many did it way before like Digimon, Escaflowne, .hack to say the least. Critically, it has no significance but baby's first anime and nostalgia really prop it up in people's minds. I remember LNfags not giving a shit about it before the anime aired and we were dumbfounded why it was so popular. I guess, flashy colors is what entertains the simple minded.

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I like SAO Abridged, but it's annoying how people who get their opinions from e-celebs and never actually watched the original constantly go about how it's "SAO done right"

>don't like Kirito
This is a bad meme. SAO has like 10 console games and 7 mobile games at this point, not to mention the handful of LN/manga spinoffs.

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What are you expecting from Alicization Lycoris?
>Quinella is about to be revived
>Medina is saved/kills herself
>Quinella brought back as a giant rampaging monster
>Halshinian goes "You've ruined everything! Very well, if I can't be at her side, we'll destroy you together!" and fuses with her
>Story DLC
>Gabe invades the Underworld and brings PoH, Itsuki and Lievre
>Donut Squad is there too
>Gabe hurts Donut and Itsuki turns on him
>Philia faces PoH after what his Hollow did to her

That’s Maple from the series Bofuri.

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The people that hate SAO largely hate it because they hate Kirito. And yes, I am aware that westerntrannies are the ones that primarily hate him.