Unstranslated quadruple amputee girl manga

This is old as fuck but hasn't been translated, where's the stump love?!

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This is so fuck up

There’s no way this isn’t just a thinly veiled fetish romcom

What's fucked up about it?
Do you not like cute girls?!

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I want to be able to hold hands with my cute girl and worship her feet.

Sounds gay.

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This, I feel like a dick saying it but I prefer my women to have at least 3/4 limbs attached, mainly the legs

>artificial human
according to the text on the image, she's not a quadruple amputee

I can't fap to this user, let alone feel anything fuzzy in my chest from the romance. It's too fetishistic for my tastes.

This is just strange & that’s saying something coming from us


Oh man, that's so fucked up.


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Reading the synopsis, it seems she's a junk robot the guy picked up from the side of the road.

>Chapter 1 - Amasawa-kun discovers

>Man-! Nagashi somen! That was great, Amasawa!

>More importantly, Touguchi...

>A girl just fell over there.



>What? A doll!?


>It talked–!?


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shes... big

You have my attention. Please continue.

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A big onahole

I knew I saw that artstyle before somewhere, it's from this fucker.
This is going to be terrible.

Literally just a sentient fuckdoll

Thanks moot.

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This is why book burning exists

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Normalfags already flipping

Thanks a bunch!

No one has ripped it but the volume release added furigana if that would help anyone read it.

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Ok, friend's name is Higuchi, got it. I'll finish typesetting that and throw it up on MD. Sorry OP that I can't really do more than that right now, but hopefully this'll get another group's attention on this.

>denying disabled people the joy of having a romance
This is something I'd expect from reddit but not you Yas Forums

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delete this

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>she's a robot
Dropped. This is worse than baiting people with incest when they're not blood-related

I could go for 2/4 as long as she's got one of each.
Love me some slender fingers, beautiful nails and pits.

why can't I have normal fetishes, like feet, shit, and children?

Does he ever wear her in a pack pack like Luke did to Yoda on Dagoba?

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There is no point if it's not all of them.