Imagine your own route being hijacked

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Tsutsui officially stated routes were planned from the beginning

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>Look at me! I'm the captain now.

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>last thread got nuked
What happened?

It wasn't nuked, it got archived due to lack of activity

what kill the hype?

Based. This is why he is better than faggot Negi.

If that's true his execution is rather poor so far. Especially the retconning required for all the arcs to work.

By a delicious milf at that. This is all an elaborate plan by Tsui, he will introduce the moms and siderail this manga into a milf harem minus Fumino because her mum is ded lul xD

Not really sure I believe him.

This is a Kubo-tier twist/asspull.

I believe that he probably thought about it as one of his framing ideas but I don't beive he has been consistently following that ida all the way through.

Uruka is superior

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So it confirms that he had no integrity to begin with instead of losing it several chapters ago.

I love Rizu
It won't happen

Sensei superior, Uruka inferior.

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Rizu route will be threesome end with ghost daughter

You know its true

you're too generous

Rizu route will be Rizu and Nariyuki getting together
It's not true at all

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Sensei>= Senpai > Sawako> Imouto >Fumino = Rizu >>>>>>>>>>shit>>>>>>>>>Uruka

Prove me wrong
Pro tip : You can't

I love Rizu too!
have a kiss from Rizu, Rizuanon!

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Right, Rizu and Nariyuki will get together. They'll just also get together with Sawako

um.. where's his proof at

This just means her arc will involve looking for a new mom

You know it's true.

Honestly if he said he said he thought that during festival arc I would believe it since there's that t fireworks. That could be a muh parallel thing but I'd give it the benefit of the doubt. But from the beginning? Bullshit.

Thank you
>a kiss from Rizu
I wish
Sawako is their friend, she can visit sometimes

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>Author lies to his fanbase to boost his credibility

Realistically it's just a way for Rizu to show how much she's learned about people and work with Nariyuki. Rizu and Nariyuki have nothing to work with other than Sawako.
Uruka has the childhood friend angle
Fumino has her sister/advisor thing which is often used for jokes but can still be used.
Asumi has the fake couple
Sensei has the teacher/student relationship.
Rizu has nothing in general.