What is your opinion on pink dinosaurs?

what is your opinion on pink dinosaurs?

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I didn't watch that garbage

very fuckable.
9/10 design, stuck in a 3/10 show.

I want to marry one.

Sexier than purple dinosaurs

I want her big

made for NTR

Thanks for making this thread. I asked a question about this on Yas Forums, but got mixed before it died. Should I start Darling in the FranXX, Pop Team Epic, or Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei next?

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Shitty waifu bait with shit design to appeal to normalfags just like the bunny shit girl. Toga is the only well designed of the 3.

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SZS, ditf is a literal waste of time but that probably won't stop you.

I want to live on a lifeline of her farts, constantly wearing a gas mask with a tube that connects to her ass.

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I hate Dinosaurs. I love Devils tho.

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Dinosaurs are actually interesting animals, don’t compare them to this moe piece of garbage.

dinosaurs actually would've shrieked more like giant birbs than roar like monsters. Imagine the booming sound of PI PI PIs echoing across the pangaea.

More like this



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Have you ever heard a sea eagle shriek? That’s a theropod if I’ve ever heard one.

This they’d probably sound closer to some extant large flightless bird species/birds of prey. At least the theropods they evolved from would sound like that. Large herbivores probably made loud resonating trumpet sounds. Smaller herbivores/really small carnivores probably made more pi pi pi-like sounds. We’ll never know for sure.

We should discuss dinosaurs more often.

Devils are boring.

I agree. Dinosaurs will never not be cool.

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What are some good anime or manga that involves dinosaurs or any prehistory? Similar to Age of Reptiles or Alpha.

You are a man of culture.

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That's actually a surprisingly hard topic to think of much material on. Really, we need a lot more study into dinosaurs and their living habits.

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Agreed. It’s an incredible expansive field of science that’s still developing and growing. Prehistory in general is still unknown to us, as alot of the tissues, bones, and stones are either decayed, destroyed, or faded to oblivion.

DiTF had an eh ending, gets more flak than it deserves, and the soundtrack is great. People just hate it because a reddit youtuber told them to

Miracle of the Universe

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Fuck it, this is now a Dinosaur thread.

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If you're going to post shitty waifubait, post the show or character in the filename or post.

What shitty waifubait? All I see is a dinosaur thread

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I want to lick her asshole while she is all smug about it.