One Piece

Imagine the powerlevel debates among the Beasts Pirates.
>Who is the strongest member of Tobi Roppo?

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First for Law

so fucking funny mate

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how to they actually go?

drake>sazaki>urti>maria>who's who>page one(?)


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Some HUGE details from Robin's novel in the 9th OP magazine:

- Robin doesn’t like sunsets because it reminds her of Ohara

- It takes at least two weeks from Baltigo to Sabaody

- Sabo brought Robin to Sabaody, but decided not to meet Luffy and asked Robin to hide the matter

- There are no new revolutionary members introduced in this novel

- According to Koala, there is a kingdom that existed hundreds of years ago called Yukali (translation for this name may not be accurate)

- Robin is now learning about this kingdom

- Robin had a meal with the Revolutionary Army before she arrived in Sabaody; the meal is a recipe from the Yukali Kingdom

- When Robin arrived to Sabaody she thought Sabo would ask her about Luffy but he decided to leave saying: "Take care of Luffy for now"

The kingdom of Yukali is a kingdom that has been destroyed and has no indication of ever existing except for the aforementioned food recipe that was preserved for hundreds of years.

are you ready to BOO~GY

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Like O-Cho's breast binding but Black Maria has the better design overall.

Robin boutta be the most important character in OP

smoothie's girlfriend is hot

How old do we think Bonney is?

robin finna make sanji's spotlight in WCI look like a fucking joke once the most important arc in all of OP is centred around her

wano has been going pretty good so far

man, binding with bandages is such and underrated look, i also dig her flower tattoos on the shoulders, look sick

onigashima is the center stage for the ultimate dyke showdown, the 3 biggest lesbians of the grandline go in, only one get's out

Did you realize her hair is supposed to look like a butterfly cause that's what her name means?

Anyone wanna discuss what Yukali could be. Do you think it's gonna be relevant when the void century is revealed?

And nami is the reigning champion

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Drake is definitely not the strongest.

yeah, the sleeves on her kimono also look like butterfly wings, the pattern, even makes it look like the eyespots that Butterflies have

WCI has always been a joke.

>Bums around on Sabaody for 20 years instead of doing anything worthwhile with his legendary power
>Regularly involves himself with the slave trade as a product and doesn't give a shit about the real victims unless they're pretty girls
>Watches a broadcast of his captain's son being executed despite being more than fit enough to swim to the nearby execution site
>Didn't bother giving Oden credit for his essential role when asked about how Roger did what he did
>Only taught Luffy the basics of haki over 6 months and fucked off for the rest of the 18 he was supposed to be training him to not get so easily btfo by Admirals and Yonkou

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when the question of who would be the one to replace queen, drake was brought up as the one who would, when he declined sazaki made the comment that he is glad he said so, so he can have a chance at it

he is clearly the strongest, and the others agree as such, maybe with the exception of urti, be she just likes to shitalk

> Robin doesn’t like sunsets because it reminds her of Ohara


Robin's novel?


the one piece magazine has little novels in it, that share some details about the history, i think ace had one(?)

>Only taught Luffy the basics of haki over 6 months
speedreading this much should be illegal

other way speed, he taught him for 18 months and then left so Luffy could upgrade haki on his own

Yeah, Wan Piss is badly written series

Apoo and Shirahoshi by Kōhei Horikoshi.

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I want to anal Uruti's tight, stubborn hole.

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