Seems like episode 5 will have good animation and art style.


Episode 5 : ルーク,男の闘い – Rūku, Otoko no Tatakai (Rook’s Manly Battle)

Luke is furious as he reads the articles the school newspaper has written, insulting Yuga and Rush Duels. Putting his pride at stake for his friend, Luke confronts them ... "

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I can only hope this thread doesn't fall to the drainlets once again

Realisticaly speaking, how likely is it that 7s will be canceled due to rush duels failing thanks to corona aids?
>mfw chink aids kills 7 elevens

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As usual, until this show has some substance and it's just kids hanging out and repetitive jokes, apologize.

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>first post and already rent free
m-maybe this thread will be different guys

Konami will definitely cut it short if they feel the need to but I think it's good for at least 1 year.

>rook's dad is loaded
>gakuto is from nobility
>romin & roa are probably from money as well
where is the proletariat representation?

I really wanted the pres to actually have been a full control tryhard all along, but I guess you can only expect so much in terms of control from such a gimped format.
His ace monster (yamerura?) looks great in the card art, but shit when summoned.

The MC living in a literal dumpster.

theyve already signed contract with tvtokyo though on obligation to deliver a certain # of eps, although no one but them knows what the initial agreement was

i don't think that's his literal house, just his workshop

I'd think probably at least 6 months worth. It's improbable they'd end without at least one propper story arc with a villain. 50 eps is more likely though

He rides his bike to school, which is kept there, so until they show his residence, there's no reason to disbelieve he lives there.

Can this get as dark as Tamers?

probably not

Digimon tamers? I doubt it. I don't think it will even get to the level of edge in Zexal or Arc-V.

There is potential with the literal police state they live in but it's not likely.

Why is she pointing her butt towards Rook?

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God why is Yuga so smol?

Subs fucking when

>automation and AI taking our jobs

Sevens is the most entertaining YGO for me ever since 5D's, bros.

>Romin not standing up fully is STILL taller than Yuga

Look how long yuga's fucking torso is,he looks like mr potato head

>romin getting super shy about the idea of having to sing

>already ate their own lunches
>help themselves to gakuto's lunch

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Who is Kaiba of Seven?

Any summary about the episode so far? What was the deal with Gakuto?

either non existent or Roa

We don't need one. Nobody can top Jack anyway.

How will you guys react if SEVENS is put on indefinite hiatus due to COVID-19?

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see pic

I will cry.

I'd be pretty upset to be honest. I know a lot of people here complain about the show but I enjoy it even though I'm not really the target audiance. I hope te card game still does well despite the virus and the show will continue after a small hiatus.

i will be happy because these threads will be gone, also won't have to deal with unga bunga duels for a while.



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you mean when

>he still has hope
mfw sevens is cancelled and user finds out

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7* 2500/2000

When this Series gets hiatus'd via COVID, send 1 Chinese to the Graveyard for every week it doesn't get aired.

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Indifferent. The show is okay so far but it's not like I don't have other shows to watch.

Every show is going on an indefinite hiatus for now, because it's hard for voice recording studios to work like this. Sevens is guaranteed to return though, due to how some contracts work and due to what Konami invested into it already.
If anything, it gives more time for Bridge to figure their shit out and adjust series based on the feedback.