Does anyone know when’s the next chapters coming out?

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Holy fuck I forgot to keep up with this!

The manga usually updates 1 or 2 times a month and the latest chapter was 11 days ago. So either next week or next month.

Monday every 2 weeks


Next chapter of what?

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This monday, in two days

>the same thing happens every chapter
So is this just a slightly less shit version of komi-san or what?

Go read the manga first

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I did, it's sitcom tier

Full title?

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>There are no tanks in terraria, nagatoro san!

please don't steal my Froot Loops, Nagatoro-san!

Cute date

I want to smell Nagatoro's farts and tease her for having nasty farts.

you are gross user

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Nagatoro, don't cuckold me with the big black bull!

The manga needs more yoshi

Nagatoro deserves to be cucked and alone forever.

Ushio and Nagatoro

Yancha-gal no Nagatoro san

Just fuck my shit up, Presidente.

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Not even remotely.

The only thing the two series have in common is that they're both romcoms.

I despise smug girls.


Who would win?

Full Noodle-toro vs Post Base Flip Garou.

is it bad that i kind of want nagatoro to get cucked?

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Yes. Infidelity is not to be joked about.

i want one of the other girls to just force themselves of senpai, have nagatoro see it, then finally take action to try to secure him as her own

Hidamari! Nagatoro Sketch

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>365/24 tanned girl
but that's not possible

Now that’s how you avoid cheating.

Congratulation, you are now a generic romcom writer.

The revolution will not be telegraphed, comrade Nagatoro.

On the 27th. Probably.

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It's called swarthy.

Eat my shorts, Nagatoro-san!

Don't be a dork Nagatoro chan.

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Teasing Master Nagatoro-san

user, she foresaw this even in the very first chapter.
Her name literally contains the letters N, T and R