Mitsuboshi Colors - Chapter 58

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Thanks for the dump.Feels good to get and read new chapters.

I can't believe the colors destroyed the police station and cemented their control over Ueno

>Today's the day for the Colors to collect their protection money, but all the shops have closed as they don't have the funds. The Colors decide instead to make sure they know what happens when you try to skip pay day.
These kids are ruthless.

pls upload pg 9


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Fuck Jannies.

Thanks user. I fucking love colors

Is sacchan wearing only one sock or her right one is white?

>All non-essential businesses have been closed

It's matching rest of she is wearing

Huh, I thought places like shoppoing districts open up early?

She's a stylish girl

They got word the Colors were showing up and closed shop in fear.

cute post-apocalyptic colors

Down with the system!

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Bocchi vs colors when?

Can't believe the colors are DEAD!