Chainsaw Man

>revealed to be a major character
But what is her role gonna be? Is it Denji's mother or his mommy gf?

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New mentor

The real question is how did she manage to put that longass arrow in to her head?

Kishibe already took that role.

how does denji have a chainsaw engine in his chest? how does shad have a knife in his hand? how does reze have a pin in her neck? we just don't know

Adoptive lesbian mother

But for those three, their triggers have enough space to be stored in their body.
Quanxi's arrow is just too long to fit into her head.

>Adoptive lesbian mother
That's hot. I would love to see he fights for her affection with

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Anyway, how old is she again? Since she uses bows, maybe from medieval ages when they were actually deadly?

He just need to provide her a cute devil girl with to get her acceptance as his adoptive mother.
And then maybe she would tell him a seret how to pelasure Makima.
Power will be the sacrifice ehre afetr of coruse bathing up.

Aren't bows just guns that use tensile strength and elasticity as a propellant instead of chemical combustion? Why don't bows fall under gun devil's domain?

She is gonna make denji transition into a girl and add her to her harem to make up for the dead ones

>Why don't bows fall under gun devil's domain?
Why a knife devil doesn't fall under sword devil after all knife is just short sword right as logic goes?

Quanxi is too serious. I doubt her would want a retard who smells like literal shit.

this is where i get annoyed by fujimoto's choice of devils. chainsaws are way too specific to have a devil of its own. i think he should've just made a generic bladed objects devil since all blades are descendants of sharpened stone.

Nah stop with the bullshit theories.
The max thing she will do is to warn Denji about Makima.
And then she will get discarded by either getting killed by Makima or removed from plot cause she doesn't want to get in Makima way for longer.
Or author will kill her for real along with Master in double KO situation.

>genderbending an immortal with regeneration ability
We had someone trying that before and it's not very successful.

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No CSM next week right?

>I doubt her would want a retard who smells like literal shit.
What is Halloween then?
A retard with droppy eye hanging and part of her smelly brains constantly in the open.
And she fucks her.

Because shad is the kanata devil, not sword devil?

Could wacky wooohoo man and demondyke kill Makima?
>he calls himself 4th rate
>still talks shit to Makima's face

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A lot of people are scared of chainsaw more than katana to be honest, so you can't really group everything together.

halloween is a nice girl who cares about her friends though. she can't help her eye and exposed brain. i would marry her and cherish her forever.

Maybe she actually washes herself and flushes toilet?

Her transformation looks really good. Fujimoto's Silent Hill autism didn't go to waste.

Yeah, but in the end a chainsaw is just a sword that uses metal teeth connected together in a belt-like fashion that uses rotational energy for cutting power.

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isn't blood basically just a liquid medium that uses proteins to transport oxygen, nutrients, and waste? why doesn't blood fall under the liquid devil's domain?

Is chapter 67 out yet?

What? No. We are back to the regular schedule. Unless another editor gets the ‘Rona.

>'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''double issue'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
>only one chapter
Where do we sign up for the class action lawsuit for the false advertisement?

So hes the cms's sarutobi

The first devil hunter is a big deal. I doubt she can be easily offed as Reze, otherwise Makima already did it long ago. And she also no longer wants to run away, she wants revenge now.
Maybe she is his destined girl prophesied by the cafeteria owner.

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Unfortunately not due to flu

No user, chapter 67 is cancelled because Fujimoto made contact with the Corona Devil.

why the fuck doesn't fujimoto just tell another artist what to draw so we don't have to miss out on chapters?

First time reading JUMP?