>evolve to mangekyou
>evolve to eternal mangekyou
>evolve to Rinngenan
>broken jutsus


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Doesn't Boruto get some Byakugan evolution?

Kill yourself, narutard.

Yeah but that’s cause his mom got some alien chakra infusion in The Last I think, not a natural evolution. Neji and all the side characters should’ve gotten way more power ups rather than nardo chakra booster cloaks. Neji with Gigagan vs MS Sasuke or something would have been based

Remember when sharingan was supposed to be an inferior byakugan?

>that eyehax on boruto which is the stupidest thing because the literal PURE EYE comes from a non-Hyuuga

>>evolve to Rinngenan
It doesn't. You have to have SOT6P chakra. Only three people have ever had it in history:
>SOT6P himself
>Madara who recreated SOT6P chakra by combining the chakra of SOT6P's two sons
>Sasuke, who was given chakra directly from SOT6P

Why not a single Hyuga has managed to develop tenseigan? Are they that incompetent?

All things considered, it still is.

Its certainly inferior for warfare. This do show up time and time again.
Meanwhile most Uchia's job badly due weak constitution.

>Inb4 hanabi's eyeballs kept tenseigan

they lacked hatred

Grew up to be a wagecuck.

When was that ever said?

Never, it was never inferior to byakugan. You're retards with no reading comprehension.

I am wondering why there are no illegitimate children of eye people. Its been centuries ormilenia and none outside the families. Are you telling me no Uchiha never partaked in the spoils of war and/or hypnotized a girl to relieve some stress?

Isn't Sharingan itself a mutation of Byakugan? Byakugan is the original otsutsuki eyes, right?

Hamura was so cheated out of the genetic lottery compared Hagoromo.

Chunin exam.

The Sharingan/Rinnegan is a result of the God Tree. It's less of mutation and more of upgrade.

No. Sharingan is a consequence of eating the worldtree's fruit. Byakugan is just standart alien's eyes.

Kakashi said that during the Chuunin Exams. Something like the Uchiha clan came from the Hyuga clan originally. That was retconned, however. Now the Hyuga clan comes from Hamura and the Uchiha clan comes from Hagoromo.

Byakugan can see chakra pressure points, whereas Sharingan can't.

>MC is half Hyuga
>have hyuga family members
>We still don't get no lore about the Hyuga clan

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No, it wasn't

The Sharingan can also see chakra.

He got the Tenseigan and didn't need to murder anyone for it so I'd say he did pretty good for himself considering we saw how an untrained user of it could still tear ass pretty well.
The fact he had only just started seeing for the first time that week, I'd say it's pretty good.

eh they each do different things, i don't think you can call the byakugan strictly better for combat considering what the sharingan can do and vice versa

But not the pressure points needed to cut off the flow of chakra with Gentle Fist.

You're getting the Otsutsuki clan - the ORIGINAL Hyugas in-universe.

>Byakugan can see chakra pressure points, whereas Sharingan can't.
And? Sharingan has better perception of movement wich results in ability to copy jutsus busting the owner of the eye's ability to improve, the best visual genjutsus and abitlity to resist them.

gentle fist is a meme-tier technique

Nigga that pressure point shit never works against a legitimate opponent. If it did, they would have sent a Hyuga against most of the members of Akatsuki.

The bigger issue is that the authors keep forgetting what Byakugan does. It shouldn't be possible to sneak up on a Byakugan user, but Kishimoto forgot that somewhere along the way.

The Byakugan doesn't automatically make the user competent.

Lets see, it got:
1. Hypnosis equal to shit tier Genjutsu
2. Increased reaction speed
3. Automatically see movement of objects, which all Ninjas that isn't shit tier learn to do
4. You can see chakra
5. Total Recall while its on
The Technique copy is just 3 + 4 + 5.

Meanwhile the Byakugan gets
1. Chakra sight
2. X-ray vision
3. Ability to zoom, ala farsight
I would certainly say Farsight is more useful for combat, and so is spotting what gear/prostethics the enemy is wearing

It worked against Naruto.

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Hyuuga is a clan of jobbers. The fact that they are called number 1 clan of Konoha makes one laugh.
Senju and Uchiha were genocided because they were too strong , meanwhile literally noone cares about hyuuga except for their skills in reconnaissance.

Copying shit is a million times better than a fucking telescope. Way more useful in combat.

Your byakugan has to be activated for that to be true. Plus they have almost 360 degree field of vision which creates an opening for a potential sneak attack.

but technique copy is fucking busted in a jonin-level fight
also the genjutsu ability of the sharingan is way better than shit tier, idk how the hell you think that

The Aburame clan honestly seems like the strongest to me. They can literally send bugs to eat your chakra from a distance and along with other bug shit.

> Hypnosis equal to shit tier Genjutsu
Are you retarded? Uchiha have the strongest visual genjutsu in the game. There's even a rule in shinobi's world that when you fight Uchiha one on one you fucking run.

>Automatically see movement of objects, which all Ninjas that isn't shit tier learn to do
You're retarded Uchiha's ability to percieve movement is much much higher than that of a common shinobi, otherwise they would not be able to copy jutsus.

The byakugan abilities are good for scouting but for actual combat they are goddamn trash compared to Sharingan.

Excluding Itachi , has there ever been anyone who could use illusion skillfully in combat?Kurenai was supposed to be an expert in illusion but she was totally useless , only useful thing she could do was carry Asma s child.

Should have said how they get gentle fist and the chakra rotation shit. I'm sure if they wanted they could make the gentle fist distance based or chakra like needles so they could plug their chakra points from afar

Regardless Sharingan is retarded because the mangekyo gives them so much stupid OP bullshit like overpowered fire, a super suit that can take down a village of ninja, and some tailored overpowered bullshit

Who is the strongest between a Uzumaki and a Senju?

Naruto doesn't entirely count because he's the MC.

Tell that to Boss Nigger, who tried to kidnap an innocent loli for her eyes.

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It is. 3 tomoe sharingan just lets you copy jutsu, see through illusions, gives color to chakra, and maybe cast a few illusions.

Byakugan lets you see chakra, see through illusions and things, gives color to chakra, lets you see into people and their chakra paths along with points, and gives you near 360 field of vision. Also doesn't have the downsides of needing emotional trauma to activate nor does it have the downside of potentially pulling the user into a downward spiral of madness/blindness/manipulatedbykaguya'sgoodboy.

Byakugan > 3-tomoe sharingan

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Did the Hyuga clan ever have their own Itachi?

Common misconception product of a really sloppy translation job.

>almost 360 degree field of vision
Now that was retarded thing to do. A fucking "yeah, they have 359 degree field of vision so ackchyually you can exploit it" bullshit.

>Should have said how they get gentle fist and the chakra rotation shit. I'm sure if they wanted they could make the gentle fist distance based
That's air palms is for.

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From what you typed sharingan is clearly superior.

They were the strongest, because they were still a living clan. The Senju, Uchiha, and Uzumaki were all nearly obliterated with only a few remaining members that aren't enough to count as a clan anymore.

Well, in the end both are pretty top tier.
Being able to see your enemy charging attacks is very vital when most Ninja's can't see chakra. Naruto doesn't get a proper Chakra sense until he does Sage training, before that he is just as blind as everyone else.

There is a thematic revelence to that which you're too much of brainlet to grasp.

>thematic revelence
>Uchiha's dick is so good, i love it

Nope. They diluted their bloodline across generations in order to increase Konoha's population.