Post a character you find visually appealing

Post a character you find visually appealing

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I could actually post multiple characters from Code Geass. Whatever else that show's flaws are, the art direction and character design were godly.

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Sitck people

Yes, but pretty stick people.

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the black and red work so well together and they help set the edgy tone for the series

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forgettable. it looks like a mix between harry potter and a traditional Japanese anime character

Definitely sexier than blue ai

Did you somehow forget all of the scenes with Lelouch in them?

Black hair and red eyes is the best combo.

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Every girl or almost from Bible Black, Tenjou Tenje, Ikkitousen, Rosario+Vampire, Queens Blade, HS DxD, Fairy Tail and Monogatari (anime and manga), many characters from Code Geass and Bleach, everyone drawn by Murata and Inoue

Oh, and Haganai girls of course

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This is what 10/10 character design looks like.

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That cold look of scorn in her eyes is what really does it for me.

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you are brain dead

You have terrible taste, that is an inherently meaningless character design.

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Not him, but I can't help but appreciate your opinion.

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