Amazing how she can just casually enter his gross fleshy insides.

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Is this the best fanservice series of the year?

it would be if she actually peed inside him

i don't remember well but i think in the manga she does

damn but its a pretty deep and subtle metaphor for sex if you think about it. I mean aint it amazing when you casually enter your penis inside a females gross fleshy insides?

She said it was a joke. It was also in Episode 2.

I wonder how they'll handle all the topless scenes

I'm guessing breasts with no nips.

Wasn't there already full-on nudity in this series but with no nipples and vaginas?

Nah. Just carefully chosen camera angles and conveniently placed objects so far.

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amazing how dogshit like this gets made.

Yeah, pic related had nipples in the manga.

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A very well produced adaptation so far too. Please seethe more.

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>muh edgy teenager death games, masterpiece

Why are you bitching about this show of all things? Mad that your shit got delayed or something?

chapter 54 fucking when?

>series is so bad he cant even defend it

Bad day user?

>needing to defend against seething non-arguments

there's nothing to defend against

Is this Franxx/Asuka done right?

Would you let her inside you?

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I feel like I already know where the story is going, was this an LN or one-shot prior to being a manga? I swear I've read this exact plot, including an ending and all the twists they've revealed so far.

cat girl is better

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No, I do not associate with sluts.

too bad the art is shit, making the girls ugly.
well, the story is shit too, so I guess its fine.

Reminds me of mirai nikki/dedtube.
Its fine so far, Franxx was an abomination.

why people think frankxxx was bad? It's at least better than eva

it's Swweeet with superpowers

>another fagime where the MC is some limp dicked loser

no please girl-san, dont enter the puppet naked

Can we get a round of applause for contrarian of the year

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What does she smell like, Yas Forums?

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Salty coins and milk.

eva fags pathethic as always

eva was good and no amount of shitposting can change the truth

Be more subtle for fucks sake

fuck i want her ass