Any Railgun and Astral Buddy spoilers for this month?

Any info for when Railgun T episodes 13 come out?

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Not yet and next week

I'm attracted to Saten?

No Railgun this month because Fuyukawa is a fucking lazy piece of shit hack

Will Gunha job again?

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I think Railgun T ep 13 is listed for broadcast on May 1st on Tokyo MX

He made Junko piss her pantsu even after she got the Senya power up, and she admitted herself that he was hardly trying at all. Then he broke out of Misaki's sneak attack mind control in about 2 seconds. Thats not jobbing, thats shitting on the competition.

Mikoto will be worst girl but win in the end.
Bust+curve stimulus package (thx based Nogi), lesbian/yuri, and CHADHA in the middle of it all.

You're welcome faggot


Gunha canon jobs the least out of the L5s that we know of.

jobs to L0s and lolis
jobs to L0s without dragons
jobs to nerds with brain damage and fairies
jobs to nerds with chuuni edge, aim disruptor, L0s, etc
Robots, animals, golems, and anything non-human

Meanwhile Gunha add dragons into his personal harem

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>Any Railgun and Astral Buddy spoilers for this month?
Isn't Railgun on break this month?

Touma's shown more sexual interest in Accelerator than Gunha. Read the novels.

When will Accel gain Aleister powers and turn into an actual cute girl named Yuriko?

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>Kuroko presenting herself for Touma

I bet that whatever conclusion Kamachi chooses for Accelerator's jail thing (doesn't really matter which route Kamachi takes there) will include a very big fujobait scene between Touma and Accelerator.

Why is there an increase in the number of despair filled posts that Mikoto will win because of XYZ reasons?

If anything she got the worst deal out the girls because of her short temper and her wanting to feel equal to him. Romance will probably never cross her mind until she gets over her inferiority complex. And if the progress she has made so far is anything to go by her failing and the AAA leading to her ruin is more plausible than she actually winning the bowl.

I'm actually okay with Mikoto beating Kimi even if Kamachi resorts to asspull desu.

Neither Mikoto or Misaki have a chance of winning. It will be Index/Othinus. My guess is Index will get the official "lover" title but Othinus is implied to be along for the ride forever, and possibly get the lover title after Touma's death.

Asspulls are the bread and butter of Raildex. They are too common for the word "resort" to be used when speaking of them.

Mikoto and Misaki getting over him and having more plot threads because of their association with Touma which Kamachi could use in the future is a far better way to handle them than them lusting after Touma.

Absolutely agreed.

That's true.

Amazing, we found the guy that was too stupid for Raildex of all things

Hang on a second. Couldn't Will-chan completely fuck Accelerator up assuming she was extremely unhappy with his GT1 choices? She could just say "Yeah, go fuck yourself. And no, I'm not cutting you off because I can't forgive you for the experiments, I'm cutting you off because I'm sick of you not listening to me, and I've already told you that something "easy" like what you're doing now is not why I'm supporting you. So enjoy being a drooling retard forever unless Heaven Canceller takes pity on you and fixes you without me." Last Order saying she will go along with it could be a hint Will is going to go along with it, too, but that could be a problem for Accelerator assuming Will doesn't agree with Last Order. We already know Will supposedly doesn't agree with Last Order's romantic feelings for Accelerator, so it's not unthinkable that she could disagree with Last Order here, too. But then again, there's the tree and 545 too so maybe Will-chan is past the point she CAN cut him off.

Maybe Accelerator could benefit from a slap like that. Of course, I expect it would come with a "they work things out later" but perhaps a "yeah I'm fucking done with your shit" would be better than anything else.

One thing I know is that kamachi has done a shit job at showing correlations between what will thinks and what the clones think. It's like she's a completely seperate sister that say plot convenient things without any reference.It'd be nice to see a sister that hates Accel meet him once. And no I'm not talking about "Tower, I don't approve of him" just straight up "fuck that guy".

Until sisters themselves express diversity of opinions regarding accel, it just sounds like Will being delusional to me. Arata did a good job of showing sister uniqueness so I'm hoping he continues interacting with new sisters

I'm waiting for a Sister that's like "I don't give a fuck about Touma, Accelerator, OR the experiment. We weren't saved and then protected just so we can continue to define ourselves by what we feel for Accelerator, or what we feel for Touma." Kamachi really pushed "they are the same, but different" in GT1. Why would 10032 need to be butthurt over Last Order's feelings if their feelings were super sekritly the same?

When Will was referring to Accelerator not taking the easy way out she wasn't referring to him going to jail. She was referring to him once again becoming the monster that he once was, the monster everyone believed him to be and be dragged back into the dark side again.

Shouldn't that also be applied to Touma? In fact it's Touma who Will said every clone loved and as on team Touma, with the exception of Last Order and Misaka Worst.

We need to see a diversity where Touma is concerned more than we do with Accel.

Would any of the other Level 5s get mogged as bad as Kek did here?

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Misaki, Mikoto and Mugino maybe.
Accelerator would just reflect her attack.
Gunha would straight up tank it.

I dunno, I think taking any singular self sacrificing action to be able say "I have paid my debt" is taking the easy way out. I agree with you in the sense that was the specific situation in NT6, but I don't think it was the only thing she meant.

Even "every clone except Last Order and Worst love Touma" is wrong unless Accelerator's manga isn't canon. And Kamachi went out of his way several times to confirm that Last Order had romantic feelings for Accelerator, and that 10032 did not like that.