Eminence in Shadows

We are Shadow Garden. We lurk in the shadows, and hunt the shadows. That is all we live for..."

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Is this manga ironic or what, I haven't read it


imagine isekai one punch man

the main character is literally insane and unable to distinguish his roleplay from the real world
its also great and hes a fun character for it


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It would be more fun if he was like Don Quixote and a total loser because of it and was only an overpowered piece of shit in his own mind. But alas hack authors can not wright fun things.

chuuni larper but the larping turned out to be real

That's literally Subaru from Re:Zero

That's clearly because of your plebeian tastes and nothing else

>isekai one punch man
Hmm. I kind of agree, Sid is overpowered but there's not a feeling of it being unsatisfying like it is for other isekai series. He puts the work in and reaps the reward.

>you know what would be fun
>have a character that's meant to be OP not be OP at all
>also instead of another world just have it be imagined
>also instead of adventure have him just be a store clerk every episode
>also have it all be a dream at the end

sadly they'll never accept my totally awesome idea because they can't into good writing

If my grandmother had wheels she would have been a bike

That sounds pretty cringe ngl.


Someone needs to make this series.

Kind of yeah.

>Chuuni edgelord gets reincarnated to a fantasy world where he can live out his chuuni fantasies from his previous life.
>Rescues a girl.
>Feeds her a bunch of bullshit about a secret demon worshipping cult and descents of heroes and whatnot because its part of his fake backstory he made up.
>She buys into it and starts freeing others and growing the organization into the OP pic with MC as the head.
>Creates a massively successful business around the now powerful secret organization to finance it and has spies all over the place while also having extremely well trained fighters.
>They all fully believe the bullshit except the MC who thinks they're either gullible or just playing along with his LARPing.
>By some divine coincidence/planning every word of his bullshit happens to be true.
>They really are saving the world and stopping a demonic cult.
>He still doesn't believe it and thinks they're just beating up random thugs and the girls are a little too gullible and running a fun business on the side.
>Currently at like the top of the kingdoms shitlist, demon cult after his head, and runs one of the most powerful organizations in the kingdom but still doesn't think its real because he's too caught up in his LARPing game.

Bitch princess is amazing. Rest of the series is meh.

The manga artist is bad at drawing tits sadly

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> artist is bad at drawing tits
Like you had ever seen any irl.
Fuck off, fag.

why do anons in these threads always just post the embarrassing chuuni pages and not the mob mode ones

to see non-readers' reactions

Most isekai wishes it was as enjoyable as this. Too much of it takes itself way too seriously when if the world setting was as light as this one it would be a lot more fun.

Most isekai authors write their story as if it's their playthrough of some rpg, detailing every step they take. For the audience it's like watching someone else play some shitty video game instead of feeling like they are playing the video game like the uninspired hack authors retardedly intend.

this desu

that's pretty accurate

i feel like non-readers will just think it's shit though

When I agree with my replies I don't know how I should address them, so I just let them be.

thats their loss