Ishuzoku Reviewers

I just finished Interspecies reviewers and damn was it good.

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Okay, but how big was it?

At least 20cm

I regret not watching it with Yas Forums.

30+ cm confirmed. General consensus is around 35 or more.

How does someone that small stay hard? Half her body's blood would go there

Angels are blessed with everything.

its not that good you're just a horny degenerate

I regret watching it with Yas Forums. I had too much fun.

I'm fine reading it with Yas Forums

How does it even fit in those little spats

grower not shower

Those thighs make me want to do terrible things.

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I hear it's monthly now.

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thought it always was it was just there was a backlog of translations

I'm halfway through it. This is the first anime that's made me laugh this hard in a good while.

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Holy cannoli

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This is the best thing anyone has done for the show. I'm still waiting for someone to tweet this at Amahara.

Okay but where's his vagina?

Behind her ballsack dude, don't be so greedy


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I hate closet homos.

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But herms are both, you can call em either

As long as you don't pretend he's not also a boy.

Why would I ever, she/he/me/we/here/there has a gigantic penis

Do it.

this is the most delicious looking loli I've seen in a long time I don't even care if they have a dick

I can't. My twitter got suspended for no reason whatsoever.

>I don't even care if they have a dick
That's the spirit.

If you were isekaid into Reviewers world for a single day, what would you do in those 24 hours?


Succubus tower. That's the best spot for if you are low on time.