Just finished the '97 anime...

Just finished the '97 anime. Can anyone summarize everything that happens from where the anime left off to the current point in the manga

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Guts finds out the real Berserk was the friends he made along the way

do guts rapes csca?

Lots of cutting things, and naked shota fairies.

What happens when you reverse the genders?

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I becomes a D&D game.

The '97 anime arc was just the backstory for Guts.

Guts finally put his grasses on and went on to live happily every after

The sword gets even more unbelievable.

>Femto reincarnates and uses his demon magic to make people think he's the messiah
>Guts gets evil armor
>they get on a boat

Then you get Revy

Just read the manga, there's never going to be a good adaptation that goes past the Golden Age.

I haven't reread it in a while but from the top of my head
>Guts saves a loli from being raped, goes to her town and they get attacked by the moth-loli apostle with a sad backstory, after killing a bunch of apostolized children and the moth Guts decides to go back to Casca
>While that's happening a military wing of the church finds the aftermath of the eclipse (lake full of blood and body parts and take it as a sing of the coming apocalypse and end up hunting the black swordsman
>We get introduced to Farnese and Serpico, they captured an injured Guts and torture him thinking he just murdered a bunch of children, ghost appear at night and Guts escape after saving Farnese, we learn she's fucked in the head and a sex maniac (we'll learn later that she had feelings for Serpico who unbeknownst to her is her half-brother, he knows this so he rejects her advances but stills keep watch over her)
>Guts go back to Godo's home where Rickert is learning to become a blacksmith an find out Casca runs away, at night Guts and Godo talk and he realizes hunting apostoles was his way of running aeay from his trauma so he decides he has to make right with Casca and sets out to look for her
>Casca somehow ended up with a group of whores who where running from the plague and wars to a city controlled by the church, Farnese group is also going there hunting witches, some shenanigans involving a sex/cannibal cult later, Casca is accused of being a witch and taken to the tower at the center of the city for torture
>Spirits and shit start swarming on the tower, the inquisitors get apostolized by the egg-shaped apostle, Skull knight appears and save some whores, the spirits start killing everyone but Casca is protected by the fetus (this leaves the fetus dying as it used all it's strength), Guts needs to team up with Serpico and Farnese to survive the attack, all the supernatural stuff shatter Farnese's faith

go read it lazy fuck, no one is going to spoon feed you.

goddamit, whats compelling you guys to waste your time, OP is too lazy to even google that shit and you waltz right into his desires

>It turns out all the weird stuff happening is a ritual to incarnate Femto into the physical world, he ends up possessing the body of the fetus, Guts, Casca and the Muslim assassins that fought the band of the hawk before Guts returned to them all see Griffith reborn and Zodd taking him away
>Guts go back to Godo's house with Casca, here Grifith comes to visit to check if he still gets a boner when Guts is around, he confirms that he doesn't have any feelings but his body still reacts when Casca is in danger, he think those might be the feelings of the fetus
>Guts decides instead of hunting Griffith he'll try to find a way to help Casca, while traveling with her ,Farnese and Serpico caught up with him and she asks to join him since her world was pretty much shattered by the events at the tower, at some point Isidro also joins them
>They travel together for a while and encounter the loli witch, her teacher send her to bring them to her home, she gives some exposure and offer some help but also send them and the loli to hunt some trolls, Guts gets molested by Slan but repels her with his big black sword, Skull knight reveals his magic sword made of behelits that can cut space and Farnese decides she wants to be a witch
>They go back to the witch's house but it's being attacked by a lot of apostoles under Griffith's orders, Guts gets the berserker armor to fight them (it's hinted Skull knight used to wear that when he was still human) but it's not enough and the witch sacrifice herself to let the group escape
>Puck suggest they go to elf island to escape the apostole army and maybe heal Casca
>While this is happening the muslim empire attacks and almost conquers midland, it's ruler is an apostle and uses magic to create his own artificial aposoles, Griffith gets him to back down but he0s still set on defeating him even if he's a godhand, the church recognizes Griffith as the saviour
>Shit happens and Gutts group get on the boat to go to elf island

read it you stupid faggot

Sword man kill monsters and make retard no more after boat ride

Thank you very much, kind user. I appreciate it.

>Griffith can't get a loli for himself but finds a JK with psychic powers that becomes her second in command
>Muslim emperor is about to lose against Griffith so he uses magic to double apostolize himself turning into a giant beast, Skull knight tries to use the fight to kill Griffith but ruins everything and now magical creatures appear all over the world and is hinted the other godhands also walk the earth now, out of nowhere a massive city appears and Griffith claims it as his capital
>While on the boat Guts fight ghost pirates, not-cthulhu and adds a loli mermaid to the team, after a short trip they arrive at elf island
>Griffith on the other hand is anointed as Jesus by the church and everyone seek refuge in his city, Rickert also goes there with his own loli, he bitch slap Griffith before leaving with the muslims assassins, the muslim's emperor mage, Casca's whore friends and his loli to go to Mecca>
>On elf island we get more exposure and loli-witcjh along with Farnese enter the forest of dick monsters inside Casca's head to cure her autism, it works but she still has PTSD so he can't see Guts without sperging out
I think that about all, now stop being a fag and go read he whole thing

it goes downhill from here

Guts fights and is sad
he gets a new party consisting of comic relief and lolis


>he realizes hunting apostoles was his way of running aeay from his trauma


People with ptsd struggle with ptsd

Why don't you read it lazy faggot

you forgot Isidro

best girl appears and finally the manga becomes readable and entertaining.

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>short trip

this but unironically

Being angry feels better than being sad

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