Kimetsu no Yaiba

Favorite breathing style?

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Aesthetically,? Sun, Moon or Snake.

Breath of Lightning

in jap tho

>Favorite breathing style>
Flower and Insect. No, I'm not a coomer. The moves just look awesome.

mouth breathing


would benefit greatly from anime but we have to wait for ages to see that

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butterfly sex position. kanao leg locking tanjiro.

did the other thread fill up already

probably sun of effectiveness but moon for aesthetics

Wani no kokyu (Breath of crocodile)

Wind, hands down. Seeing Sanemi in action made me do a complete 180 as far as liking him as a character goes, he’s just so badass when he fights. He takes advantage of every little opening with that breakdancing shit. Honorable mention goes to Rock because Big Jim was literally the only one capable of using it that well AND seeing them both marked and tag team Koku was amazing.

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>we will never see Wind, Stone, Flower, Mist, Sound, Love, Moon, Sun or Flame animated for years

God fucking damn it

>it's an advanced hashira technique that onesan taught me


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not part of his breath style but kinda related — the part where he blocks Koku's downward blow with the receiver of Genya's shotgun and then uses that opening to shoot him is hands-down my favorite single action 'movement' in the series.

Sanemi is strong as fuck. I know GODjima is stronger but this dude is so fast he destroys everything around him when he moves

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Living wife

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>No boob bandages

Will the manga end in the next chapter or 205? Will Wani do the Kimetsu Gakuen AU or a sequel?

This & when he almost gets Koku with Genya’s blade between his toes. This man was a battle autist in the most sincerest meaning of the word. Good taste, anons.

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Lightning, i am not a waifufag but KnY has some great girls.

dunno if I want to see them animated, what if they suffer the one-punch man second season treatment.

>For years
The movie comes out in 6 months user

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Wani is supposedly working with ufo on this movie, maybe Rengoku fight with Akaza is longer and he shows more of the Breath if Flames.

I wonder how they are going to make a movie of that arc, besides the final fight nothing much happens in it.

The second season is also coming next year, together with CC2 PS4 arena fighter.

If Tanjirou had to end with a boy in the series who would it be

it also works great because not only is it simple and perfectly logical conceptually, he's trying to get inside koku's guard so he's trying to lock his blade up while he strikes from a different angle, it shows off his personality and how his fighting is informed by his backstory by having him attempt it in original & unorthodox ways, using all the tools available to him. plotting out the flow of action isn't always wani's strong suite but these exchanges really stand out as solid in every aspect


>Second season next year
I fucking wish

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Inosuke is cuter

Breakdance easily. It's one of the best breaths for pure CQC, optimizes jukes and unpredictability.

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>everyone thought he was a shitter
>then he proved himself the MVP of the Muzan fight short of Tamayo