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Would you watch an isekai spin-off starring Hina?
Also spoilers when?

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Hina a best
Rui a shit

>Would you watch an isekai spin-off starring Hina?

The series already published and called Oshi no Ko.

She will reborn again become a twin idol in her new life.

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They don't look at all similar.

Hina a cute

Have you fapped to Hina's dead tits today?

I don't like fapping to corpses

But she'd be happy she still turns you on even like that.

She becomes a teacher at an academy in some medieval world with magic, the students graduate at 18 and she becomes friendly with a student named mitsuo (who is a dead ringer for natsuo) . At the day of his graduation it's revealed that he's of noble birth an asks for hina's hand in marriage.

So Isekai Quartet?

>Also spoilers when?

Don't we usually get WSM spoilers on Saturday?

>dead Hina
And nothing of value was lost.

I love Hina's panties

More like she will seduce him in his first year and get busted by his fiancee, then she will loose her teaching license and get exiled.

No, because Kei would found another way to make her life hell, one life is enough.


9/10 would fap again though

Why do people want to fap to dead Hina so much?

I can be wrong, but I remember that we get spoilers on Sunday-Monday

Autism and shitposting

I feel physically sick.
How could the author even think of doing this?

Cus she a shit

>Hmm, Rui is doing fine, but what about Hina? I promised a happy ending for everyone, but Hina continues to suffer and love Natsuo. This sucks. How can I punish the shitty Hinafags and fix this situation? Hmmmm. There is! She will be hit by a car and will lose all memory of her love with Natsuo! Yes! Yes! Yes! You are a genius, Sasuga! Genius! Sasuga Sasuga!

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You had one fucking job, Sasuga!

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that would cement her as a hack, but is a serviceable end for Hina

Long hair looks shit on Rui anyway.


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Last time she tried long hair, with a wig, she reminded Natsuo of Hina and got burned, so I don't think she'll try that any time soon, maybe a year or two after Hina's funeral though?


Will they throw her into a ditch then?

Is this garbage over yet?

Why does she have the face of an overweight woman? I'm not one to suggest plastic surgery but someone like her could use it.