Was he based?

Was he based?

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yokese no soi 100tifiko


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How did shinichi masturbate?

Parasyte 2 when?

Nakama ga iru

Kimetsu no yaiba is a prequel

what did he mean by this?

Migi... handle defense

shut up you faggot


Aya Hirano does an unexpectedly 10/10 ayylmao bro voice.

>soi el llollos
The memories come again
Thanks man

What was the point of this character?

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What the fug I didn't even know Parasyte got an anime

where there retarded?

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Just finished that
now what do i do?

fight for justice


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Now it's time to read the manga too.

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very effay shirt

Yeah actually

how different is it?

Read some Uncle Ted.

Does he help jack off or does he use the other hand

On what?

fucking bitch should have been killed, instead of best girl.

make you cry when the piano starts playing

on being a gigachad

I thought i'd hate this anime since i thought it would be about a reddit nerd and his reddit alien but instead it was about a gigachad and his gigachad alien.
the cover was misleading

i need more Migi shenanigans