Why is there no pre 2000s anime thread? The fuck, Yas Forums?

Why is there no pre 2000s anime thread? The fuck, Yas Forums?

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if only someone would make one

because there is no pre 2000s anons either

Generals are against the rules.

We have these threads every week and they never get deleted. They are an Yas Forums tradition you newfag.

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This. We belong here just as much as Naruto and 3x3 tripfriend blog threads.

>not bringing relevant discussion topics.
>complaining about no threads

and what exactly are you doing aside from the same thing? In fact you're an even bigger faggot for knowing this and still not tackling the issue.

Lupin is best TMS anime

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Because generals are always shit, no matter the subject. Better to have these threads sparingly.

Just make a thread then retard.

Any more good OVA anthology like this?
Stinkbomb was really interesting to me.Neo tokyo is fucking amazing too

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We've discussed pre 2000's to death but it's also the only good shit.

Lupin has killed probably hundreds of Nazis.

Man, I can't think of any other anime that's been around as long as Lupin the Third and yet managed to have more good than bad.

Robot Carnival

was this the best women isekai?

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Golgo 13 has been around for as long and I don't think there's ever been a bad adaption. There hasn't been as much content and it's been awhile since we've gotten anything animated but it's all been solid.

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He is one

Is Flame of Recca worth watching/reading? It was one of those shows when I was a kid that I knew was around but never paid attention to. All I really know from the time is it being called "an edgier YYH but with more titties"

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The first season is.

The manga is good, the anime is godawful and almost universally panned.

I've never heard of this so imma take a gander at it.
>studio pierrot before they became shit
>edgy YYH
you have my attention
>42 episodes
if it was any longer I would have considered dropping it altogether
>same director as Bleach and Boruto
>same director as YuYu Hakusho and GTO
almost lost me there but you won me back.
>good art and animation
as expected
>decent rating
yeah I might try it with i'm done with some other shit. I don't know how I missed this but I don't actively look for battle shounens. It even has a dub which I'm sure is terrible but it's odd that I've never heard about this during that era when Rurouni Kenshin and Shaman King were popular

The issue is the show only covered 2 arcs of like a 300 chapter manga then just made up its own ending.

I like it a lot, and I think the reason why is that it's like watching a 90s HK action flick with some shonen tropes in it.

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Since when did Pierrot animation EVER look that good?

The colors look like they were dried out and also a tad muddy. Was this ever remastered?

Everything after the first part I found memorable. Yes, even the helicopter CGI.

People shit on the helicopter scene but it was innovative as fuck to use CG animation in 1980. It was unheard of especially in Japan. This was 15 years before Toy Story. This was before the Simpsons did it in their Halloween special. It must have blown people's minds back then. Dezaki is without a doubt the most prolific Japanese anime director ever.

Wasn't Golgo 13: The Professional '82 or '83? Either way, fucking cool shit.

I wonder if the live action films are any good.

Japan fucking hated the anime so I really doubt it. It was one of those "jesus christ couldn't you just give us the manga" reactions

Is The Professional the one where the twist is the son ordered the hit on himself because he couldn't bring himself to commit suicide

Go rewatch Excel Saga.

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The only thing I don't like about Golgo is that he is by design pretty much perfect. You always know he;ll succeed.

The Sonny Chiba one is probably pretty good.

Apparently Dezaki is actually a really big fan of CGI, which is surprising considering older directors tend to prefer the tried and true way of things.