So the one truly important question about Outlaw star and its plot

Is liking Aisha furry or not?

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Not by itself, but it is a gateway drug.

Depends on whether it's her normal form or beast form

I'd say the former isn't, the latter is

how likely is it she /ss/'d jim?

Nobody considered it furry back then. This is a retarded underage question.

Her beast form is full animal, If you're fapping to that you're way beyond furry.

Probably 100% canon.

Humans with pointy ears is not the same thing as anthro animals

>Probably 100% canon.

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There's a surprisingly small amount of porn of that (As in, i've never seen it), all the Aisha porn is just normal vanilla or her with another beast dude.
So might not be as sound as you think.

>There's a surprisingly small amount of porn of that
and it pisses me off

When she's normal, she's only #1, so no.
Unless you let her fuck you when she's transformed, then it's 5. Of course, I'm lying when I say "let her." You have no say in the matter.

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This smells like the work of furfags and it only makes me hate them more.

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We had a whole episode devoted to Jim liking cats, and girls with cats.
Why wouldn't he take the next logical step into liking girls who are also cats?

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>powerful chocolate ayy lmao catgirl hips slamming against soft creamy terran shota hips
your reasonung is flawless

>like a pet and people who like that pet
>Obvious next step is to want to fuck that pet


The answer is easy if you take it logically. If you want to be a Ctarl-Ctarl like Aisha, you're a furry. If you just want to screw Aisha's brains out, you're not a furry.

They can't make up their mind whether she has a tail or not.
No tail = not furry
Tail = semi-furry
Beast = furry

She has a tail when she starts to transform. Otherwise she generally doesn't.

Go on...

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They need to Remake Outlaw star, or give us a time skip sequel.
Most underated anime of all time, i swear; the japanese barely even remember it despite how much the west loves it.

just saying, between all those high stakes missions theres gotta be extend time traveling the void of space, and its reasonable to think she went into jims cabin to let off some steam, and shes bigger than him so its also reasonable to assume she would mount him and let loose

japan has bad taste. nothing new to see here.

Sunrise promised us a sequel.
I'm sad it never delivered.

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Death by snu snu

>be 12 year old shota
>wake up in middle of night
>look down
>see this
>wat do

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let her continue

Be prepared to die and she turns your hip bones to dust

Has Sunrise ever not lied? How many decades have they lied to us all?

Sunrise more like sunset

She'd have sex with gene the adult if she needed random sex.

>if she needed random sex.
so what youre saying is her /ss/ing him is her showing genuine love and affection, incredibly wholesome

im ok we didn't after so much time. it would have probably been shit

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I need moar Aisha

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I need Aisha on top of me wringing every last drop of my reproductive fluids

Is golf/space norman in this thread?

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