Shuumatsu no Valkyrie

Enough with the nip/meme fighter posting. Now it's HIS TURN NOW. The cucking of Shiva has finally ended for the past 2 years.

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If Greece loses another fight do they just get banished?

Name 10 warriors who are not Jackie Chan

They might be considering subbing Apollo
Chapter. Seems to be missing Okita pages.

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It's time to settle this. Post your:
>1. country
>2. character whose fight you look forward to the most

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Very easy, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and... oh crap

Why is Okita a shota?

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no way shiva would lose, he's a fan favorite. also 2 wins in a row for humans mean it's time for them to lose.

Imagine this shota killin a god LMAO

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>tie between Simo and Leonidas


Fuck off, it's Shiva's time now.

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Why not, user, why not?

>Nostradamus so he can predict how he beats the god in front of him Joseph-Joestar style

>good'ol michel
I'm just curious how's he going to fight.

Not gonna fall for your bait, Loki, you just want nationalistic banter, we Mexicans are too clever for that

I am proud to be a fellow Canadian.


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everyone left other than Kintoki sounds cool as shit, I can't pick one

What is Okita doing on this chapter?

meant for god i'm an idiot.

>Simo Hayha

>tie between Tesla and Rasputin

Clearly commenting. Dunno why the author is revealing him so early.

Oh yeah fucking right eh bud
Also Trudeau bucks when


Michel Nostradamus or Okita Souji



The scenery made it look like it was his past life. It might be good to have some of them revealed beforehand, it creates hype, just like with Shiva.

Tesla and Simo

>zeus stronger than shiva
What a joke!

the better question is why is he so fucking cute?

>A country

Don't you have a brother to mourn, grandpa? Let someone from a real religion and not some meme mythology show it how's done.

Spotted the shota hunter.

Zeus get the fuck out of here, don't you have some bones to heal from Adam kicking your ass?

>The cucking of Shiva has finally ended for the past 2 years
I wanted it to last at least another fight. The other gods are still mostly faceless.


>from a real religion
Buddha isn't fighting yet though

He's gonna Battle with Loki , right ?

Pfft, Buddhism is just a spin off of Hinduism. Why don't you bring that Jew larper Mohammed too?

Simo, obviously. Though Rasputin is a close second.

Any TLanons tell what Loki is saying in the chapter besides some recap of the fight?

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Why does he have a Sharingan? I would think that he has eyes that can read the future from his opponent's movements because nips love that shit but that gimmick has to be to Nostradamus.

>Islam spent half it's existence in India kicking the shit out of Buddhists and Hindus
>Jew LARPer
nice "religion," poos

>loki getting outwitted by a shota
Sounds fun. It'd be hard to predict the winner too since nips love their Okita but the author clearly digs Loki.

>translate only loki's speech
kek, if I knew nippon I would do that

>Why does he have a Sharingan?

Stabbed his brother for it or something

ngl, I'm hyped as fuck for our machamp

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>Beelzebub for the gods, Leonidas for the humans

imagine the doujin

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