Boku no Hero Academia Manga 269

I can't believe Shiggy is fucking dead

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Villain Raid Arc officially over. The League jobbed once again and Shigaraki has been disposed of before he could cause stuff to happen. Looks like a job well done by our Heroes.

I fucking hate this manga and the main character. Gives me the rwby feel

So is the series over?

I doubt it. Either he wakes up and starts wrecking things next chapter or All For One's successor in the first place.

If this is the case I expect it to be revealed that Shiggy was a distraction or a pawn to draw attention away from the real successor, who's probably someone we haven't seen yet.

>demon lord

woah i knew that author wanted demon slayer popularity but this is just cringe

He'll wake up next chapter, who cares

It was one of Twice's clones all along!

That would be the dumbest thing this manga has ever pulled out, what we went throught a full arc about him where we explored his past and future ambition just for him to just be a pawn.

all for ones theme is opera
shigaraki's theme is going to be rap opera, he truly is liberated :

Can't be dumber than O my seven quirks

that was hinted and shown early on tho this would just be "lmao gotti"

would you?

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Dont mind me, im just posting best couple

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Hard to feel bad for someone that hasn't been interesting in years.

I don't even know what happens to things in his throat. No. Also what about the amplifier? Why isn't he using it? How can it work in the first place in a way that even needs his quirk?

>Shiggy was a distraction or a pawn to draw attention away from the real successor, who's probably someone we haven't seen yet.

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I just remembered illidan poster. I miss him.

That's a damn good Aizawa spread

Yoyoyoo, I'm almost 270 chapters into this. When does it get good?

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Hori's art has been insane lately

If Shiggy does turn out to be a pawn/ dupe, he'll probably become a wild card who goes against the heroes and All For One's real successor.

I don't see him dying here regardless of the outcome, at worse he gets captured.

next chapter

It did get good. But then it got bad. And we're stuck here reading it.

What drew autists like this to the series?

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Fujos are drawn to every big shonen series


No they're not, One Piece, DBZ, and Bleach barely have fujos

Where is the lie?

the hero theme mean we have marvelshit overlap, hence the increased faginess

One Piece and DBZ have deliberately ugly casts to prevent it, and
>barely have fujos

Reminds me of this.

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