Most powerful love story in anime

For me it's definitely Darling in the Franxx. I never ever before cryed while watching anime. The story is so powerful i have never seen any that comes even close.

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Fuck no that ending was total dogshit

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>cries every time watches anything

I want to smell Zero Two's panties

This anime is absolutely subpar, but the lack of quality animes over the past few years have pushed many to latch on to anything slightly differentiated and meme the fuck out of it, beyond reasonable standards.

Personally, i believe Yas Forums hasnt gotten over the fact it's best trainwreck was a decade ago in the form of code geass.

Then tell me a better one then if u think this one is shit. And yeah the ending was kinda meh but overall story it's the most powerful love story i have ever seen.

Dubs thread?

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Just watch Eureka7 faggot.

Fuck no, even Mitsuro and Kokoro upstaged the main couple in their own anime.

The best lovestory is still Eureka Seven.

Check these.

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>Then tell me a better one then if u think this one is shit.
The ending of the manga

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This Ghost In The Shell scene for Netflix. It absolutely made me cry like a bitch. The Token Black,Motoko being divorced The Russian Slav Illya with his self insert absolutely grabbing Motoko's boobs. There is just nothing like this. It's Brave!

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Unironically Madoka

what the hell is this?

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Unironically true
Made me realize no matter what I will never be with a person as intimately as they were because of my own issues
I'll never feels someone else's blood in my veins or be someone's wings
I will always be alone

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Don't be so mentally cucked user

My personality doesn't work well with others
I spent half a year with my last gf and didn't feel a thing for her at the end of it


Huh, I actually got it.

Watch more anime before posting.

We were all 12 years old once OP. Enjoy it while it lasts.

She made the anime for me. I wish her type of character was in more stuff

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For me the favourite love story in anime is Zero no Tsukaima.

Darling in the franxx has very touching story. The ending was kinda meh but overall the story of their love is amazing.


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moral of the story : if you dont wanna get cucked dont be fat

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He was also super beta and clingy

First off, Op? You're wrong. Secondly? You're a fag.

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I contracted dinoAIDS watching this schlock.

"The Natural Born Killers" of anime couples, now that's a powerful love story

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