Don't mind me guys, just posting kyoani's magnum opus

Don't mind me guys, just posting kyoani's magnum opus.

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>poor's man Haruhi, bit with a hundred times the pretense


Weak bait

OP here, I accidentally posted the wrong image

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OP again, I can't believe I posted the wrong image twice in a row. Fixed it now.

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>IPs went up

I agree desu

I still think it's Kanon. Chitanda was the only weak point to hyouka.

Damn it was good!

Best kyoani girl next to ueno.

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>apathetic Literally Me MC meets manic pixie dream girl who teach him to chill and enjoy life
Except Haruhi toyed with interesting sci-fi concept, had brilliant meta-commentary about anime, otaku-dom and fiction in general and much stronger character drama and enjoyable writing on a moment to moment basis. While Hyouka is just shit, but since the shots are very fancy and it has classical music in the OST, dimwits flock to it thinking they're watching something smart.

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>we will never get an OVA covering The Mirror Can't Reflect and Our Legendary Volume that uses artstyle shifts between different classic manga styles to set the mood of different scenes
Just kill me

*blocks your path*

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Actually, I liked Tamako Market a lot

>manic pixie dream girl
You mean farmer rich girl? Sorry the first episode didn't "grab" you.

If their best work was ice cream, why did they die in a fire?

there's more interesting SOLs out there

The only great part of haruhi is the movie. Show's good but the movie is miles better.

>i scream
>ice cream

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It's actually Nichijou.

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Holy shit are you me?

>apathetic Literally Me MC meets manic pixie dream girl who teach him to chill and enjoy life
God I wish that were me

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its boring but chitanda is pre hot

based nano chad

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You spelled Euphonium wrong

>manic pixie dream girl

>Teaches him to chill

I think it's the other way around, the MC was super low energy and was forcibly dragged on her mysteries.

I like Haruhi but come on, it's not like apathetic mcs are rare in japanese fiction, not to mention Hyouka came out before Haruhi. I'll give you that Haruhi is more inventive but Hyouka also has its strength.

I just find the entire show pathetic. The whole thing feels like some Asperger's fantasy where a bunch of people, including a hot rich girl, are captivated by some pretentious fag rambling on about bullshit. Throw in some terribly done SHAFT sequences that are completely on the nose and you have the makings of something insufferable from top to bottom.

I liked Hyouka, I think people are making it out to be more than what it really was. It's just fucking high school anime Scooby Dog without the dog. It's not some deep introspective analysis on life or anything.

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Scooby Doo*

How is Oreki pretentious? outside of that episode where he's supossed to act pretentious for people to told him off. I think the author overdid his abilities a bit but overall he's not a bad character,


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