Pokemon or Digimon

Which do you like better?...

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...For me, it's definitely pokemon. Big part of my childhood. I played all the main games, know the names of all pokemon, and watched most pokemon episodes and movies.

I tried watching Digimon Adventure 2020 an hour ago. And I kept thinking, "oh right. i wasn't a digimon kid while growing up". I didn't know who any of the characters or monsters were. Digimon just never appealed to me for some reason. My only experience with the series was watching Digimon Frontier when I was young, but that's about it.

Honestly I liked digimon more as a kid.
I had the digital pet, a year before pokemon debuted...
I liked all the designs and how kaiju/dinosaurs were the bulk of monsters instead cute shit.

Pokemon was honestly a disappointment in all regards.
>games were shitty
>show was shit after gen 1
>none of the cool stuff on the show actually happened in the games
>shitty filler games like snap

I hated how they only said their names, and most of the human characters were flat as a board.

Digimon on the otherhand had likeable humans especially Koushiro, and the digimon acted like people instead of pets. I actually rewatched all of the seasons subbed online in 2003, and loved all of koji wada's themes
>rest in peace.

I only played world 3, before giving up on playing anything based of a show again in 2001 though.

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Digimon all the way, specially today when Pokemon is soulless as fuck

Digimon. Why is this even a debate? Even at Pokemon’s best, Digimon still was by far a better series.

Sun and moon killed pokemon for me

Ruby and sapphire honestly should have dude.

Literally me. Never in my life has my opinion changed so drastically over a franchise

Fuck off hoenn is Kino

t. XYZfags

when i was younger, digimon anime, pokemon games
current me prefers the pokemon anime, digimon games

I liked Digimon a little bit as a kid but I could never wrap my head around the evolution mechanics of it. Mostly in the games. Pokemon linearly evolving was easier for my childhood self to understand. I never did learn how to play the card game either.

No, it's not , nostolgia is blinding you it was trash for the console, and many of the spirtes were reused.

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pokemon is the entry normalfag level fandom anyone can easily hop into

pokemon got repetitive, i have to admit that gen 5 was peak pokemon, it was their best version to release and had fun features but from that point game freak went to a decline and now they just half-ass make the game, being more lazier and sadly people will eat whatever they shit just because is pokemon

Pokemon for games (up until 5G)
Digimon adventure and Tamers destroy most anime and not just Pokemon

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Digimon is objectively a better anime than Pokemon. Regardless of your retarded childhood bias, it is undeniable that Digimon Adventure was handled much better than the Pokemon anime

Yes, but most americans don't know because of the butchered Dub.
Digimon dubbed is so fucking retarded, imagine being a parent and witnessing your kid watching this

i really wish digimon TCG was still popular but kept the japanese layout instead of the goofy english one. god i love how organized it looks. wish this was the cardgame everyone played. i was too late when i wanted to get into the cardgame

I actually think Pokemon is more enjoyable for rewatches, since Digimon looked cooler in my imagination while Pokemon is what it is.
Digimon is hard-carried by the godly OST but the drama and action scenes are kinda rushed at times so it's not as impactful.

Pokemon's fights are really well done as always, talking about the gyms, and especially the first movies.
The League arc is kino as well.

>show was shit after gen 1
No arguments there. I may like a few pokemon movies (like Power of Us), but I won't defend the tv anime. Back in 2018, I marathoned all the episodes and I remember it being such a boring drag. I could have tolerated it back as a kid, but now that I'm adult, my standards for storytelling in anime had gone up. I'm not as easily entertained by the pokemon anime's simplistic plots and flat characters as I was as a kid.

>I hated how they only said their names
I feel the opposite about this. I was actually surprised when the digimon started talking in Digimon Adventure 2020. My first thought was, "that isn't right". It was like if a dog irl just start talking instead of barking. Just felt weird imo, since I'm not use to seeing every pokemon talking like Meowth.

>games were shitty
>shitty filler games like snap
I 100% disagree with you there. Games like SoulSilver and White 2 will always hold a special place in my heart. And even though you hated the spinoffs like Snap, there were also amazing pokemon spinoffs like Explorers of Sky as well.
Haven't played any digimon games tho. Although I heard the one on the nintendo switch (Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth) was pretty good

Digimon by far.

Digimons are more like monsters or demons than pets. In fact a human having a Digimon (only a single one) is so rare it's called a "chosen children"

Pokemon really are pets in comparison

>, "that isn't right". It was like if a dog irl just start talking instead of barking

Ever watch anything that wasn't pokemon,?majority of them are bipeds, and some wear clothing, it's no different than 80s toy mascots or animals speaking on any other shows.

Not that strange at all.

They were always potrayed as more human like.

> SoulSilver and White 2
play a regular rpg like arc the lad or star ocean, and then you will see why they are shit.

>Explorers of Sky
well mystery dungeon is a little bit different

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pokemon is just slavery and forced cockfighting but being sugar coated so i find it hilarious that they try to paint it as something positive when that's what they're for

>,play a regular rpg like arc the lad or star ocean, and then you will see why they are shit.
>Star ocean
>Arc the Lad
Bruh. You could have least mentionned some better stuff. Not that those games are bad but there are far better RPGs than those in their *respective genre*
Because yes, Pokemon is a different brand of RPG than final fantasy or chrono trigger. No one plays for the plot, it's the monster collection and the high replayability than people loves about it (see: nuzlocke challenge)

Arc the Lad has a monster arena and it was far better than pokemon's,
.they touched for one,
>your human characters could fight for one
>was an srpg

blew pokemon out of the water and outsold the same year in japan, but it was embargoed until 2002


>nuzlocke challenge
Fuck no, play something harder instead of wasting time with this shit.

Digimon has better anime*. Pokemon has better everything else**.

*Not during Xros era
**Pokemon designs have been garbage for a couple gens.

Pokemon's only worth now is waifufaggotry. Nobody talks about the gameplay, the universe or the pokemon because it's all shit/
Now it's all about Nessa, Bea or the new flavor of the month's waifu

Being a Digimon fan is kind of suffering. They only had at least TWO good games, merch isnt thrown around as commonly possible, and their animes end and reboot every few years, which have been nice refreshing takes regardless. They also have better creature designs, but they like to cop out with recolors, or end with "humanoid" final forms.

pokemon, on the other hand, appeals to me with its prominent vanilla consistency.

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I never even tried getting into Digimon as a kid because I thought it was just a shitty Pokemon ripoff.

The truth is that Digimon is a shit franchise salvaged by two anime that were made by people who gave a shit about kids, their craft and the art.
That's why Digimon adventure is so shilled, the team who made it treated it like a regular anime with a story to tell first, and a commercial second.
Toei never understoof this, except with tamers

The digimon world is actually way more interesting
Something about being able to catch the legendaries softens their impact
Whereas some digimon can be pretty frightening
just look at sepphirotmon

everything else?

actual fucking action figures instead of plushes and figurines

regretablely the ps1 era games focused too much on the digital pet aspect. Pokemon's games weren't good either, but still

never really played either

Mecha, freaks, mutants, kaiju, dinosaurs, as opposed to a few cool pokemon and a ton of really shitty ones.

> cop out with recolors,
recolors were only available in the second game when data/virus/vaccine was a big deal , pokemon is doing recolors with regional forms and no one is saying shit.

> cop out with recolors, or end with "humanoid" final forms.
It's actual evolution instead of metamorphsis with pokemon. So wouldn't an evolved human be the apex unless they are some spirit beast or some shit.

brainwashing, I knew of doraemon years before either came out and thought it was a japanese thign.

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>Not that strange at all.
Let me explain. It's just that throughout my life, I only seen pictures online of Agumon for years. But because I never watched Digimon Adventures at all, I never knew he had a voice until now. Hearing him talk for the first time caught me completely offguard. I always just assumed Agumon growled or something to communicate

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>Something about being able to catch the legendaries softens their impact

yeah that always bothered me, why make them as legendary if they can be captured like any other, if anything they should be bosses or something.
The tmnt talk, so does doraemon, so do many of the ultraman kaiju.

If anything it's strange that the pokemon don't
some of them look like human paradoies, have been shown to preform human tasks such as cooking or childcare and are wearing clothing for fucks sake, but they can't talk?

That's fucking ridiculous

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Subjective, but I prefer scales to toys, both have good scales but pokemon has more waifu ones.

Pokemon games are actually fun. Digimon got nothing here. Hoping survive doesn't suck.

>card games
I don't care about either, I play yugioh. If you go by popularity there's a clear winner though. And that's the most important part for a healthy card game.

That's the main reason why Pokemon is more popular. Universal appeal, vs appeal to mechafags and kaijufags.

Digimon has non furry waifumons but pokemon has better human waifus, so no winner there.