Shinsekai yori

Just finished this masterpiece, what are Yas Forums thoughts on this series, did squealer deserve such fate?

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No, in fact he did nothing wrong.

That one episode was pretty gay.

Dropped it on episode 3, it's shit.

Squealer's faction of mutants was a bit less unjust than Saki's faction of mutants, but the fact remains that they were both locked into their war by forces outside their control, and both committed atrocities within that war.

Saki's people would have destroyed everything with their powers if not for the death feedback, but in turn, the death feedback meant that ordinary humans would have inevitably subjugated them, and perhaps even slaughtered them all. Mutating the normal humans into a separate species was necessary for the psychics' survival, but they didn't have to force the system of queens on them, or subjugate them as they did.

Squealer's people deserved freedom, but he (probably correctly) believed the only viable path to freedom was the destruction of the psychics. He was the one who started the war with the intent to commit genocide against the psychics, so it's hard to say he deserved clemency from them. But the psychics' punishment of Squealer was another instance of their cruelty and disregard for the value of life, and absolutely unjust.

Everything about their world was terrible.

>thoughts on this series
Looks ugly.

Fuck Squeeler

no, he did his best for his clan survival, ill probably will do the same.

i wonder if they didnt execute shun will the gay continue or nah.

ending always get me evertiem :

Squealer was the most cunning mutant there was and I would have let the bastard live out his life as a reward for pushing the superior race so close to defeat. Awesomeness deserves better than the disrespect he got :/

>if they didnt execute shun
Did we watch the same series?

The human psycher are a plauge on the world around them and a cause of corruption and deformation for all life. Squealer was doing the right thing, but needed to eliminate the psycher rather than raise their children, because the same problem will persist. The living humans are pretty much the equivalent of nuclear radiation.

It's a masterpiece, hence why it isn't talked very much on Yas Forums. One of the truly few 10/10 series

And squealer unironically did nothing wrong. He really did the best he could under the circumstances. There was no villain, no one was inherently bad, it's just that the context was way too much fucked up

>> masterpiece
>> edgy and sad porn

the premise was s h i e t no explanation of powers, no explanation of how their political system got to where it was or how do you even have governance of a community of basically gods

your praise is why SnK is liked by Yas Forums so its not a valid point

>ugly homoshit

>I need my fantasies to have a clear explanation of the inner mechanics of their physics laws or my mind can not understand it
Let me guess, mild case of asperger?
>your praise is why SnK is liked by Yas Forums so its not a valid point
Not an argument

>no explanation of how their political system got to where it was or how do you even have governance of a community of basically gods
Is there a way to have this kind of speedwatch? I need to work on my backlog at mach 20 like you

>>Not an argument
literally logic please look up proof by contradiction

a bit of an exaggeration but the world building was poor it was basically like bullet points

espers are assholes, one becomes king of assholes and they rebelled

if the espers had goals of destruction why didn't they for example just fuck up the teutonic plates or something where they can destroy the world

if their just emotional animals that live of sadism how was 7 billion people out smarted by these dudes

apparantly they didn't need sleep
etc. etc.

Loved it.
I wish there was more sci-fi exploiting that sort of return to more primitive lifestyles rather than the tired spaceships and big cities shit.

I mean squealer LOST and was responsible for a lot of his people dying so yeah he did. But he was 100% justified in starting his war

not everyone can 100% recall a series in order to discuss it with someone who is a decade late

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The history doesn't matter so much. Humans developing epser powers is just a way for the author to ask what happens when each individual has a lot of control over everything around us.

it was cool until the gay shit

Why are you even here if you're not going to put in any effort?

Play with fire get burned. Frankly I think Squealer was right but going to war right away was a mistake. He should have waited for Saki to become the matriarch of the society then petition her to be let free, then grow your forces massively and strike all at once and kill everyone. Or hell just leave and go be free away from them until you get artillery and high explosives reinvented. He got way too impatient.

I'm mad they didn't do the underage sex while they were captured as the manga did.

>no explanation
its basic buddhist mythology and youre missing the cultural context

But he did that, he growth his forces patiently and then stricked fast and hard. Saki needed a lot of shenanigans to see through the false ogre and device a counter. If not for that, they all would be wiped out and the rest would be sucking rats dicks

Not using the psychobuster was gay and I was like "saki you bitch he's sacrificing himself for humanity, grow up" but man that wolf dude was something else. He was so loyal lmao there was a political term squealer used to describe him but I can't remember. Also why can't I find squealers execution scene on youtube? I'm not rewatching shit. Lmao I thought it was an asspull that they found those two kids bones from the queerrats because they should be able to tell it was fake. But my mind was blown when I found out that they were real. Holy cow what sucks is I went into the anime KNOWING squealer was a bad guy due to the ittt: villains who did nothing wrong threads. aaaaaaaaah would love to rewatch the series but fuck the gay part. gay and unecessary

It was pretty good. I wouldn't call it a masterpiece though, and not just because of the occasional QUALITY. I found Saki's character a bit lacking. She was supposed to be the one in her group with the most "inner strength" or some bullshit like that but everyone else in her group aside from that 5th wheel I forget the name of seemed a lot more emotionally stable than her, not to mention how she fucked up at the most important part and almost doomed all of humanity just because she wanted to save her crush. Also I wish we could've gotten more info on queerat societies. But overall it was a pretty solid story. Squealer did nothing wrong and neither did the modern day humans, they were simply incompatible existences trying to seek out their best interests. I tend to like those kinds of stories more than generic clashes between good and evil.

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Do you know how to read? Or use your eyes at all?